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5 Ways to Master Double Unders

Double Unders

Double Unders

Double Unders can be one of the most frustrating exercises for functional fitness athletes.

I remember when I first started training, I could barely even get one rep, let alone go unbroken for a minute like others in my box!

After a few months, however, my skills started to improve and my double unders become more fluent and frequent. Just like all things in life, a bit of dedication and perseverance helped.

Some people will pick up the exercise quite easily, and within a few weeks they will be flying through workouts with excellent technique.

Many others, however, will struggle with double unders.

For those who are still yet to master the tough movement, here are 5 tips to help improve your double unders:

Use your wrists – One of the most important things to focus on when performing double unders, is to use your wrists and not your arms. Using your whole arms to rotate the rope will just waste energy and create an inconsistent rotation. The best form is achieved when your elbows are tucked in and your wrists are doing all the rotating.

Get a good rope – A good rope can make a world of difference. A great way to improve your double unders is to buy a good jump rope, and use it as often as you can. That means taking it with you to your local box, and using it when you train outdoors to get used to it. You should find that after a few weeks you will become more confident and your form will improve rapidly.

Find the right rope length – The best length for jump ropes will vary depending on the person. Some people like their ropes longer, others shorter. A good place to start is to have both hand grips at chest height while standing on the rope with one foot.

Keep your body straight – Many beginners tend to bend their knees when they jump, hoping to make more room for the rope to pass through. All this will do is waste energy and make you fatigue faster. Keeping your body as straight as possible is the best way to preserve energy and maintain good form.

Be patient – Results will come with time and practice, but don’t expect to become an expert overnight. You must remember to be patient and progress forward one step at a time.

For some visual tips on double unders, here’s a good video featuring six times Games competitor Chris Spealler:

Who knows, with a bit of training you might end up being as the old Buddy Lee! Check him out at 0:35:

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