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Beyond Willpower: How Mindfulness Can Help You Achieve Your Diet Goals

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Dieting, in theory, is straightforward. We know we are healthiest when we feed our bodies nutrient-rich fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, healthy grains, and quality protein. But how often are we sabotaged by cravings, mindless snacking, or bad food habits? 

If we know these foods are good for us and eating them will help us achieve our fitness goals, why is it so hard to stick to our diets? The answer to why we keep failing at diets may not be as simple as saying that we aren’t disciplined. 

Many people today live for the next moment. We always think ten steps ahead and spend very little time focusing on the moment or task at hand. But slowing down has its benefits. Perhaps, mindfulness may hold the key to our diet dilemmas. 

Mindfulness and Diet

There are many reasons why your diet isn’t working for you. Humans are creatures of habit and our daily routines make our lifestyle. So if we want to change our lifestyle, we must first change our habits. 

Making the decision to begin living a healthier life requires us to create true and lasting change, and that can be difficult. However, changing your mindset by incorporating mindfulness into your life can help the transition be easier to maintain.

We often forget that we are what we think. Creating a positive mindset and visualizing where we want to be are great ways to begin our mindfulness journey. Guided breathwork classes can set us up for success as we learn to use them to help us achieve our goals and reach our highest potential. 

Mindfulness has been proven to help people lose weight by creating a new mindset that allows us to make healthier choices and avoid cravings through self-awareness. Breathwork has also been proven to lower stress, another leading cause of health issues, weight gain, and emotional eating.

Why breathwork?

Breathwork benefits many aspects of our health. Research has demonstrated that it can induce a sense of tranquility in the body, alleviating stress, decreasing anxiety and depression, aiding in the management of PTSD symptoms, and offering additional benefits.

Breathwork also has physical benefits. During a session, you engage and use core muscles and your diaphragm, strengthening them during the process. Some practitioners have even stated that breathwork helps with bloating and aids in weight loss. 

Like all exercises, breathwork needs to become part of your routine to see long-term benefits. During a session, you focus solely on your breath and your body. Studies show that those who practice breathwork have more self-awareness than those who don’t. Being able to calmly examine why you keep falling into old diet habits and correct the problem will help you reach your diet goals.

Breathwork is a tried and true lifestyle that has been helping people for thousands of years live healthy and happy lives. It gives you the tools to build your best self from the inside out.

Achieving Your Goals

Reaching your diet and fitness goals doesn’t need to be difficult. With mindfulness, you have the tools to dissect and fix your downfalls on your health journey. Mindfulness allows you to live in the moment, experiencing your full potential.

About The Author:

Niraj Naik is a certified pharmacist turned holistic health and breathwork expert, professional musician, serial entrepreneur, founder of Soma Breath, and one of the world’s most sought-after spiritual ceremony facilitators.

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