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Steven Kiernan

Steven Kiernan works in print as a magazine editor. When he is outside the office he trains at Inner West CrossFit in Sydney, Australia.

  • Review: Pure Limits Unisex Compression Socks

    This week we take a moment to review the Pure Limits Compression Socks  Item: Reinforced Unisex Woven Compression Socks Price: $29.00 AUD Manufacturer: Pure...

    REVIEWSSteven KiernanSeptember 9, 2013
  • Coaching & Commitment: What it Takes to Make the Games

    Just how hard is it to win the CrossFit Games? Take a look at a simple spreadsheet uploaded to Twitter by...

    NEWSSteven KiernanDecember 17, 2012
  • The Hardest WOD of All

    Sometimes the tougher the accomplishment, the better. As JFK put it, “We choose to go… not because it is easy, but...

    NEWSSteven KiernanNovember 8, 2012
  • Review: Bnyfit Wooden Gymnastics Rings

    This week we take a closer look at a set of wooden gymnastics rings from Bnyfit. Item: Bnyfit Wooden Gymnastics Rings Price: $100...

    REVIEWSSteven KiernanOctober 23, 2012
  • When CrossFit Meets the Olympics

    The greatest sporting contest in the world has just begun. Yes, you heard me. The. Greatest. While I was also glued...

    NEWSSteven KiernanJuly 29, 2012
  • Interview: Denae Brown – Baby on Board

    After being struck down by debilitating shoulder injuries in late 2011, Denae Brown assumed that qualifying for the CrossFit Games would...

    INTERVIEWSSteven KiernanJuly 25, 2012
  • Kara Gordon: Podium Contender in 2012?

    Kara Gordon planted her flag in the CrossFit map as the only Australian competitor to claim a world record in the...

    INTERVIEWSSteven KiernanJuly 13, 2012
  • Interview: Ben Schwartz – Schwartz’s CrossFit

    The credentials of Schwartz’s CrossFit Melbourne speak for themselves. Affiliated in 2006 and with an enormous community, the box has produced...

    INTERVIEWSSteven KiernanJuly 11, 2012

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