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Are You Ready To Become A CrossFit Coach?

Katie Hogan Coaching CrossFit Coach

Katie Hogan Coaching

CrossFit is arguably one of the biggest fitness trend in the word, according to a report by CNBC, with thousands of gyms having cropped up in recent years across the globe. This fitness method is also a popular choice for those wishing to get into the fitness game, since it provides various benefits – including attractive earnings, a fun and active work atmosphere, and the chance to work in various countries. If you have been an avid CrossFit athlete for a while and you’re interested in taking it to the next level by becoming a CrossFit coach, what considerations should you keep in mind?

Getting Certified

In order to boost your chances of getting hired at a top gym, or to launch a freelance business or company, it is important to have CrossFit certification. And to have first aid/CPR knowledge or a Basic Life Support Training. There are four levels of certification, ranging from Level 1 (a two-day course) to Level 4 (in which you need to pass the L3 exam and be able to show you have completed 1,500 hours of university or professional-level experience of training people in strength and conditioning). As is evident, obtaining the highest qualifications involves an investment of time and money.

The difference between the earlier (Levels 1 and 2) and higher (Levels 3 and 4) certifications is that in the latter two, you need to pass exams covering a wide array of subjects. These subjects include programming, nutrition, class preparation and management and coaching. To be a pro, you should aim to complete at least a Level 3 course.

Obtaining Insurance

As is the case for any entrepreneur, it is important to protect your business by obtaining fitness business insurance. Under this category, there are specific coverages aimed at CrossFit instructors. So check out what companies in your area have to offer. Insurance will cover areas such as accidental property damage, injury, health expenses and the like. If you’re starting up a CrossFit box and you’ll be hiring trainers, obtaining insurance for your employees is vital. It will come in handy if any equipment is broken at your box.

Learning To Motivate Others

When you think back to your own beginnings in CrossFit, one or two coaches probably stand out. These are the professionals who truly got you ‘hooked’ on the sport. They were the ones urging you to give 100%, but knowing the fine line between inspiring and pushing too hard. During your certification courses, you will learn a little about motivation, but it is important to do further research, learning key strategies from some of the world’s top coaches. These books don’t have to be about CrossFit, since motivational strategies apply across the board. Just a few top selling choices include A Life without Limits by triathlete Chrissie Wellington, Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual by Navy SEAL Jocko Willink, and The Power of Community: CrossFit and the Force of Human Connection by Allison Wenglin.

Honing The Spiritual

Harvard Divinity School academic Kasper ter Kuile has written extensively about CrossFit. She states, that for many people, this sport – owing to its strong community and support focus – is providing modern millennials with the spiritual connection they crave in their daily lives. When starting a business, pay as much attention to the spiritual component of this method as technique and equipment. The stronger the sense of unity, the more popular the box. Remember the importance of social get-togethers and gatherings; building a tightly knit CrossFit community involves much more than offering killer classes.

There are many considerations to keep in mind when starting a CrossFit business. From obtaining certification to covering yourself against contingencies, the process involves an investment of money and time. It also requires honing in on the magical elements present in the best boxes – motivation, community and social support. Ensure your box or freelance business provides these requirements for your clients, so you thrive as much as they do.

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