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7 Ways to Overcome Depression Without Medication

Janne Mortensen Mental Training

Depression is a medical condition accompanied by feelings of severe sadness and dejection. It affects people from all social classes, no matter their background or culture. It is estimated that approximately 7.1% of the U.S population age 18 and older suffer from depressive disorders. Unfortunately, there is a significant stigma surrounding mental health, and suffering from mental disorders is viewed as a weakness in society.

Before we address ways to overcome it better, we look at symptoms of depression;

  • Change in the interests of things you used to enjoy
  • Sleep problems ( not too much or too little)
  • Panic attacks
  • Suicidal thoughts or plans
  • Lack of self-care
  • Suicidal thoughts

Without medication, natural treatments can fight back depression, change of behavior, physical activity lifestyle, and thinking. The following tips will help improve your condition;

1. Exercising

Exercising doesn’t have to involve high-intensity training like CrossFit. You can start with moderate activity, i.e., walking in the park each day. Exercise stimulates endorphins, feeling good hormones that help people appreciate themselves. Practice also rewires the brain to think positively; it is advisable to join a fitness group or hire a fitness trainer to avoid going alone. Do exercises outside where there is fresh air or a green environment that will help change your mood.

2. Develop a regular sleep schedule

Statistics show that 90% of people who suffer from depression experience sleeping disorders. Maintain a balance in your sleep schedule; not too much and too little sleep. So the best way to improve your sleep is to wake up at the same time every day and head to bed at the same time every night.

3. Check or improve your diet

You are what you eat; this is a phrase you have come across severally. A poor diet will contribute a certain percentage of your depressive symptoms. It is vital to stay away from too much fat and sugars while fighting depressive symptoms. But what diet should I take as a treatment? Have a balanced diet with lots of nuts, fruits, and seeds. Stay away from drugs, alcohol, caffeine, and hard drugs. Research shows that drugs are the leading cause of depression. Drugs cause more harm to the body than benefits; they weaken your immune system and cause diseases.

4. Set your goals and fight to accomplish them.

To avoid the guilt of not achieving your goals, ensure your goals are manageable, realistic for you, measurable, and within your control. Don’t compare yourself to others to avoid being unfair to yourself. Ensure you evaluate your achievement occasionally. Don’t hesitate to reward yourself. If you fail to achieve, do not give up; rise, and try again.

5. Build up a relationship with people or support groups

Adage has it. A problem shared is halfway solved; frequently interact with friends, share your worries or doubts, and let them help you come up with solutions. Don’t isolate yourself completely; join a depression support group to gather encouragement.

6. Mediation and mindfulness

Having negative thoughts can be a painful and crippling part of depression. Meditation comes in handy to lower symptoms of depression. Mindfulness meditation assists in countering depressive thoughts and feelings. Meditation exercises such as depression worksheets assist in handling emotions and negative feelings. It also has the following impact; directs your focus to the present, helps you accept situations, and brings back your lost focus.

7. Schedule fun times and trips 

Plan for things you liked enjoying, e.g., swimming, visiting the zoo, or hiking. Having fun helps you forget your troubles relieving you from stress. Identify your hobby, and work on it every time; it will help you stay engaged. Be grateful for the gift of life and the blessings you have.

As from above, there are several ways of fighting depression and more than one way of naturally coming out of it. I hope this piece will assist you. You can also access effective behavioral care from experts like Basepoint Psychiatry.

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