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A Quick Guide To Maintaining Clean And Hygienic Dental Implants

dental implants

Dental implants are becoming highly popular these days due to people’s inability to maintain the cleanliness and health of their teeth. The dental implants are a replica of your tooth and allow teeth replacement exhibiting a similar appearance to your natural ones. 

Undergoing the right kind of treatment is necessary to get the implant fixed right. But proper treatment is not all; one has to take adequate care of their dental implants to prolong their life and usefulness. So, here is how you can keep your dental implants clean and germ-free:

Using the right toothbrush

The market is flooded with a plethora of options when it comes to buying a toothbrush. So if you are someone who wishes to keep their dental implants in good condition, maintaining hygiene at the same time, consider using toothbrushes that have soft bristles. 

Hard bristled toothbrushes can tend to hurt gums and may even result in bleeding. On the contrary, soft bristles prevent such issues and also help in battling plaque and tartar.

Brushing two times

This is something that we have learned since childhood and should be practiced religiously if you have a dental implant that needs extensive care. Brushing in the morning prevents the foul odor and also kills the bacteria that may have accrued in your mouth overnight. 

On the other hand, brushing before going to bed helps in eliminating the bacteria that may have occupied space between your teeth during the whole day. It also puts a stop to the decaying of teeth and plaque build-up.

Furthermore, this professional kids dentist in Las Vegas points out that you should make regular dental visits a part of your routine to keep both your teeth and implants in the best condition possible.

Bridge floss and crown

These dental tools are used for cleaning inside-out and under dental implants. The nylon ends and soft center of these tools help in cleansing the surfaces of the dental implants. The stiff and firm ends of the device help in the insertion of the floss amidst the dental implants, which can further be pulled from the other side. An excellent dentist in Ocala FL recommends using floss at least once a day.

Cleaning the implants using this prevents bacterial growth and aids in maintaining hygiene.

Water flossing

Water flossers, also known as dental irrigators, aids in killing bacteria that are buried within a depth of 6mm. These water flossers are highly preferred by dentists of Cross Creek Dental in Fayetteville NC over dental flosses because they have the might of discarding specks that cause peri-implantitis if not removed at the right time. 

Using a water flosser can help in flushing out the germs and bacteria, giving you a reason to smile.

Quitting on alcohol and smoking

Tobacco and alcohol are two deadly staples that are injurious to health, but you still find people addicted to them. Quitting these two not only promotes healthy well-being but is also good for your teeth, especially when you have undergone a dental implant.

It takes about half a year to recover when you have a dental implant, and smoking can be highly hazardous during this time. Consuming alcohol is deemed to slow down the recovery process of implants. Giving up these two habits is a good idea as it poses potential threats and danger.


These are a few tips that you should consider following when you have dental implants. Cleaning and preventing dental implants from accruing bacteria is of paramount importance to make them last longer. So, stop taking things for granted and consider following the above-mentioned tips for happy and healthy-looking teeth.

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