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6 Top Proper Running Tips to Help You Improve Your Running Form

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Whether you intend to participate in a marathon or you just want to make running easier for you, the right training and preparation matters a lot. Improving your running form may assist you to run faster, comfortably, and efficiently. Even better, there can be less stress on the body, numbness in feet, and decreased injury risk. The right running form can also reduce the risk of fatigue and makes sure that you are having the most out of the run. This article discusses the top proper running tips to help you improve your running form.

Look ahead

While running, you should avoid staring at your feet. You should also focus your eyes on the ground at least between 10 and 20 feet ahead of you. This is the right running form and it’s also a safe way you can run because you can watch what is coming and even avoid falling.

If your head tends to jut forward while running, it can put lots of stress on the shoulder and neck muscles, leading to tension. Therefore, to ensure that your head is not leaning forward while running, you need to hold it to ensure your ears are over the middle of the shoulders.

Keep hands at the waist

It’s also important to keep the hands at waist level, meaning right where they can lightly brush the hip. You need to bend the arms at a 90-degree angle. There are some beginners out there who like to hold their hands up by the chest, especially when they are tired.

You can get more tired if you hold your arms in this way and you may begin to feel tension and tightness in your neck and shoulders. But if you intend to sprint, then your arms can naturally push the hands further up and back. 

Above all, while running, you should relax your hands and arms. Avoid tightening the hands into fists. But if you want to clench your hands, remember that there can be tension that moves from there to the arms and then to the shoulders and neck. It’s also a good idea to wear sports bras Winnipeg while running.

Check the posture

It’s also necessary to keep the posture erect and straight. It means the head needs to be up, the back straight, and your shoulders level. Besides, you can keep the shoulders below the ears and have a neutral pelvis. That said, ensure that you are not leaning back or forward at your waist, which some people like to do as they are getting tired.

It’s worth noting that it’s crucial to check your posture regularly. Once you feel tired toward the end of the run, some people slump over a bit, leading to shoulder, neck, and lower-back pain.

Lastly, you must always relax your shoulders and keep them square. Keep in mind that rounding your shoulder far forward can tighten your chest, leading to breathing restriction. You can breathe easier if the shoulders are relaxed as you can also breathe better.

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