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Top Ways to Easily Help Your Elderly

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Growing up, cheering up the grown-ups was as easy as creating a less than impressive painting or giving them a hug in the morning. This, however, changes when they reach a certain age where they simply need more. As they grow older, we start realizing that there’s no manual or instruction guide to taking care of them or how to cheer them up, and so we start panicking a little on the inside. If you need that push in the right direction, here are our top ways with which you can support your elderly.

Daily Walks

We all have busy schedules, but who can’t take a little time for a short walk? The best thing is that it’s not only good for your physical and mental health, but it’s also incredibly beneficial for the elderly people in your life. At old age, it’s important to remain physically active in order to slow down the gradual muscle loss that comes with age. Plus, walking has been scientifically proven to strengthen bones, which is key when it comes to preventing osteoarthritis and hip fractures. All in all, walking is a simple, effortless activity that packs a lot of benefits and will only require you to take about fifteen minutes or so out of your day. 

Make Time for Them

As humans, we are social creatures. The lack of meaningful human contact is one of the fastest routes to depression and poor sleep quality. Unfortunately, as our loved ones get older, we tend to withdraw and leave helping out to the professionals. While having professional aid around has its benefits, it should never be a substitute for purely social visits. Every once in a while, try to schedule a family gathering at their house or maybe take them out on a family trip. Having these regular visits will keep them mentally active, but more than that, it shows them they’re loved and valued. Keep in mind that it’s often the case for the elderly to view themselves as a burden to their loved ones.

Raised Toilets

You may not know it, but by buying your loved one a raised toilet, you’d be doing them a huge favor. As the name suggests, those toilets are higher than regular models which makes it easier for a person to sit and get up without exerting much effort. In other words, buying such a toilet for seniors suffering from arthritis or regular muscle pains will spare them a lot of pain. Some of these toilets also come with support bars to make it even easier for the elders to get on and off the toilet seat. In addition, because of the height and wide base of the toilets, there’s no need to worry about slips and falls.

Home Alert Systems

While some gadgets are overcomplicated, others prove to be extremely helpful in ways one can never imagine. Some monitoring devices come with two parts, a base and a moving piece (bracelet or necklace). Through a working internet connection, you can know where your loved ones are at the click of a button or the touch of a screen. Such a gadget can come in handy in cases of dementia. As a bonus feature, some necklaces and bracelets are equipped with a “help” button which they can press in the case of an emergency. Other gadgets include motion sensors to detect falls, as well as motion-activated night lights.

Home Care

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s often hard to take time out of our everyday lives to tend to our loved one’s needs, but that could be managed. Sometimes, however, our elderly need more than a little time every day. They often need constant care and help, especially in severe cases when they require help with daily activities like cooking, showering, cleaning, and house maintenance. A home care service can provide someone to help them out with these basics. Now, we all want to help our loved ones out ourselves, but it’s important not to forget that, between a career and a private life, if you’re burnt out, you won’t be able to help them or yourself. A house aid can provide you with a little break so that you can regain your energy.

These suggestions of offering help are testimony that helping out your elderly doesn’t have to come at a great cost. Something as simple as a stimulating conversation, a short visit, or a walk can not only make them feel loved, but also provide them with much-needed physical and mental stimulation. Before you go, don’t forget to listen intently to your beloved seniors. We’ve all been at a stage where we were too worried or concerned to consider their thoughts or feelings about our attempts to help. The next time you get to that stage, try to take yourself out of the situation, calm yourself, then reapproach the matter. Oftentimes, one’s stubbornness is out of fear or insecurity. The greatest help of all is offering your loved ones the understanding they deserve.

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