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Overcoming the Mental Health Impacts of Substance Abuse

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Drug use can turn sour very quickly; one moment, you think you have it under control, and before you know it, drug use has you dependent on it. The effects of substance abuse do not only negatively impact your mental health but your relationships as well. Wanting to change and overcome substance abuse is the first step; however, it takes inner strength and willpower to recover. Although eagerness is all in your control, support and encouragement from family are essential on the journey to recovery, and you can do it. 

Recognize the Problem

Recognizing the problem is the first step to overcoming alcohol addiction or substance abuse. You start realizing its time to make changes when your substance abuse begins to affect your daily function, work performance, your mental health, relationships, and life at home. No matter how much the people in your life offer you support and advice, only you can take the necessary steps, and if you fail to recognize the problem, it can only worsen. 

Drug Treatment Programs 

There are many professional rehab institutions like Landmark Rehab Centre with several drug treatment programs. Drug treatment programs differ according to the severity of your addiction. General residential programs often include volunteer check-in for a few days, weeks, or even months. These drug treatment programs offer a supportive and safe environment to help you recover quickly. Other programs offered include partial hospitalization for ongoing medical monitoring, day treatment, and outpatient programs catered to prevent relapse. 

Prepare Yourself for the Change

Once you have realized the problem and started seeking help, you have to prepare yourself for inevitable change. Whatever your reasons may be, always remember why you need to change, whether you’re doing it for a loved one, your kids, or your family. Setting specific and measurable goals is essential for change; this will keep you accountable and motivated to keep going. 

If your addiction is excessive drinking, maybe a start would be staying away from liquor stores and bars, give it a break from the onset. Good alternatives include getting involved in productive activities and support groups for a healthy, supportive community. Telling your family about your plans gives them the invitations to help you manage this new change.  

Set a Plan to Deal with the Urge

While on your journey of change, it is normal to encounter an urge you’re trying to overcome. When you’re experiencing a stressful life event, anxiety, or any other mental disorder you are dealing with, it is better to go into it with a game plan of dealing with it without abusing recommended drugs to calm your stress and anxiety.

Professional assistance in overcoming an addiction plays an enormous role; in the withdrawal phase, detoxification is vital, especially where substance abuse is severe.  As part of the plan, write down a list of all the activities that can help distract you from cravings like exercise, engaging in a new hobby, or learning a new skill. Avoid any temptations, have a family member or a friend nearby to help distract you from any counterproductive thoughts or habits.   

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