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2012 CrossFit Games Back on TV

Rich Froning 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games

What better way to prepare for the 2013 CrossFit season, then to watch a replay of the 2012 CrossFit Games!

For those who live in America, ESPN2 will be airing a replay of this years showpiece.

From 4:30PM on December 16, 2012, the sports channel will air selected highlights of the Games, all the way until midnight.

Here’s the breakdown of what events will be shown:

  • 4:30 pm Camp Pendleton Endurance Test
  • 5:30 pm Camp Pendleton Women’s O-Course
  • 6:00 pm Women’s Ball Toss and Track Triplet
  • 6:30 pm Women’s Medicine Ball & HSPU
  • 7:00 pm Women’s Sprint & Rope-Sled
  • 7:30 pm Women’s Clean Ladder
  • 8:00 pm Women’s Chipper
  • 8:30 pm Women’s Double Banger
  • 9:00 pm Women’s Elizabeth, Isabel, Fran
  • 10:00 pm Men’s Chipper
  • 10:30 pm Men’s Double Banger
  • 11:00 pm Men’s Elizabeth, Isabel, Fran

Unfortunately, the times are only for those in America, although you can always check out some of the highlights on YouTube.


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