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Yoga Pose of the Week – Cow Facing Legs

cow face stretch yoga pose cow facing legs

I will be honest with you, this pose (cow facing legs) isn’t my favorite. Not because it’s not an important pose with a lot of amazing benefits for the hips, but because it’s hard for me. That’s all. Not every posture or movement is going to be easy but those are probably the one we need to practice the most. This might be really uncomfortable and awkward to get into but try it, sit in it, breath through it.

Muscles Stretched

Gluteus Maximus

Gluteus Medius/Minimus

Groin and Pectineus


Alignment and Execution Tips

Sit on the ground and bend your left knee so it points forward, drawing the ankle in towards your right sits bone.

Bring your right thigh over your left thigh. Rock your weight forward to come onto the tops of your knees. This will allow you to stack your right knee over your left knee.

Lengthen your right tailbone down.

Keep your torso upright unless you need to deepen the stretch, then fold forward.

Breathe here for up to two minutes and then switch sides.

To come out of this pose, rock forward onto your hands and then slowly unwind your legs.


Relieves tension and tightness in glutes after squats

Improves mobility in squats

Improves external rotation of the hip joint

WOD Movements



Kettlebell Swings




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