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Wodnut: Taking You Outside The Box

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As CrossFit© continues to grow and spread its philosophy across the world, we have not only witnessed it’s massive popularity take hold of the mainstream fitness market, but we have also seen an explosion of websites and companies catering to functional fitness fanatics.

One such website is

Established in Australia in 2013, Wodnut is a one-stop-shop for anyone passionate about fitness, diet and design. Stocking everything from clothing and apparel, Paleo foods and training equipment, the site caters for all your functional fitness needs, while also encouraging customers to ‘be inspired about fitness’.

As they state:

“We hope to inspire people to lead a lifestyle where one eats clean, trains dirty, continually self improves and appreciates subtle design details. Hence our Blog is designed to educate, while our shop is designed to support such a lifestyle by making it easy for customers.”

One of Wodnut’s biggest selling points is its unique range of apparel, and in particular, it’s line of shirts.

Wodnut’s shirts are vintage influenced featuring subtle designs. The graphics on their shirts are hand drawn before being digitally scanned and screenprinted. The focus is on simplicity and strong topography with a quality garment that is soft to touch with comfort being paramount.

Their aim is to design clothes that are less ‘loud’ and ‘in your face’ so they can be worn casually, encouraging people to take their love for CrossFit© ‘outside the box’ and live, eat and breathe it in their everyday life.

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A site that is packed with information and videos on food, diet and training, Wodnut aims to foster a small community of readers that can learn and shop at the same time.

Founded by CrossFitters who identified an opportunity to combine their love for design and functional fitness, Wodnut now offers international shipping and also has a few sponsored athletes, including 2014 Regional qualifier, Nick Fuentes.

And for those wondering what their logo means? The “X” represents one of many goals or targets while the “oval” represents a continuous improvement loop. It’s their way of asking us what our goals and targets are and what we are doing to better ourselves tomorrow.

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Wodnut will be at the 2014 Australia Regional in Wollongong from May 16-18, with their latest range of products on display, so be sure to check out their stall in person if you are attending.

In the meantime, to find out more about Wodnut, and to keep up to date with their latest products and articles, make sure you follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to check out their latest pics on Instagram.

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