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Why Do You Get Sick During Spring? Here Are The Reasons Why

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Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons in some countries. It’s the season when flowers bloom, and the weather seems much better. However, despite the good weather, many people still get sick during this time. It becomes a problem to them because it seems to happen every spring to the point that it’s chronic to some. 

The reason for this varies by people’s conditions, and it may sound serious at first, but there are also various ways to help yourself. 

Why Do You Get Sick During Spring?

The beginning of spring depends on where you live, but it’s the season after the winter breaks the weather starts to ease up, and the temperature rises. Despite the sun shining brightly, others are balled up in their beds feeling sick, missing the good weather. 

Although fall and winter are when people get sick the most, spring isn’t far from the statistics, and people get sick during this season for various reasons. To name a few, here are the possible (and common) reasons why.

Changes in Season 

One of the primary reasons for the sickness during the spring is due to seasonal changes. Due to the shifts in temperature, the spring season makes it ideal for viruses to flourish. The changes can irritate the airways and nasal passages that can compromise your immune system, which as a result, struggles to help protect your body from invaders like viruses and bacteria.

Moreover, since the temperature also rises during the season, people also often use air conditioning, especially in their office spaces. Little do they know that air conditioning is one of the channels of spreading the virus from one person to another. 


As mentioned, springtime is also the season when many plants bloom, and it’s the perfect time to see the beautiful flowers. With winds blowing, pollen from flowers easily spreads. Although this is a natural act happening, the pollen spreading around can become allergens for many people. 


Aside from pollen spreading, molds during spring due to rain are also prevalent during this season. If you don’t know what mold can do to you, you should be aware that its spores can also result in allergy-related symptoms like wheezing, headache, difficulty breathing, etc. 

Even if you’re not outside, you’re still at risk of getting sick during spring as molds tend to grow well indoors, especially in dark and damp places. Moreover, mold spreads quickly on your walls, ceilings, doors, and cabinets. It can even grow on  your clothes and luxury bags. If you suspect mold indoors, you can call professionals to get rid of it.

Stomach Bug

Stomach bugs, or norovirus, are common during this season, though they occur throughout the year. This illness can be severe because it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and severe dehydration. 

Moreover, anyone can get sick with norovirus, which can be very contagious through direct contact, like taking care of people with a stomach bug and accidentally sharing contaminated tools or putting your unwashed hands in your mouth. Though you can develop immunity to the virus, it’s still uncertain how long the immunity can last. However, your susceptibility to acquiring norovirus still partly depends on your genes. 

Possible Symptoms

After learning the possible reasons why people get sick during spring, you should also be aware of the common symptoms they experience when they do get sick. The following things manifest regardless of what type of spring illnesses they get. So, it can be hard to differentiate what type of disease they got. The best thing to do in situations like this is to visit your doctor when symptoms appear.

  • Sneezing
  • Puffy Eyes
  • Hay Fever
  • Sore Throat
  • Itchy Eyes and Nose

What You Can Do

Once you’ve figured out what is causing your spring illness, you should drink your medication. So, for people who experience allergies during spring, you can look into Cetirizine, a common allergy reliever, to help you with the symptoms. Though drugs can be costly, prescription discount cards and coupons can help you purchase them at a more affordable price. For example, a Cetirizine HCl Coupon can let you enjoy up to 80% off discount on your purchase.

However, if you’re unsure of what medication is appropriate for the illness that you’re experiencing, then you should visit your doctor as soon as possible. This is to prevent feeling sick throughout the months.

On the other hand, the best thing you can do for mold is always to clean your house, wipe the wet areas thoroughly, and block off leakages. It’s best to remove the causes and prevent them from starting because mold can be really stubborn and hard to remove completely in your house.

Final Thoughts

Again, above all, you must put great importance on visiting your physician before you self-diagnose and drink the wrong medications, which will harm you more. So, when the first symptom starts showing up, do this immediately. Nonetheless, knowledge is power, so knowing everything you’ve just learned will help you more in the future.

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