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What is The Best Way to Learn Carom? And How to Beat Your Opponent?

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Carrom has always been a popular indoor game, played for passing time, and has some entertainment. But with the changing times, carrom has gained more popularity than ever. Various tournaments happen at the national and international levels where people compete for the title and the prize money. Online carrom has also got people crazier as the carrom set isn’t a requirement anymore to play the game.

The best way to learn carrom or the most important thing is to put in regular efforts and practice. Practice as much as you can and wherever you can and choose the best platform to play carrom online. You can also play many games to get hands-on with your friends on many popular gaming apps, such as Getmega.

Here are some tips and tricks to beat your opponent in the next match,

  • Attitude is the key component

Play with the right attitude. Attitude is the key component in learning carrom as well as in playing tournaments. It can either make you win or lose the game in your mind and will also be reflected in your game. The right mindset assures you to play the game well while keeping your emotions balanced. Be it to learn carrom, or competing at some tournament, the right mindset is the basis of all. Play like you already know that you are going to win it. Online cash games can pressurize you to some extent but you need the right mindset to cope up with it. 

  • Striking Style

There are 5 different types of striking styles including middle finger and thumb, upright long fingerstyle, index fingerstyle, scissor striking style, and middle fingerstyle. You can try learning all of it and then you can choose what works best for you. For an effective break shot, it’s important to follow the right technique.

  • Speed decides the rank

Force and speed combined are directly proportional to your ranking in the game or to make you learn the game efficiently. To make a good shot, hit the coins with accurate force and speed. If you applied more force than required, then it would take a rebound. Thus, it is important to play mindfully with a perfect balance of speed, force, and accuracy.

  • Direction to play

Try placing the striker at different places to hit the different angles. If you are learning the game for the first time, try putting it at the right moon side and hit the striker over and over to know how to aim the targeted direction with the perfect angle. Check the blocking of the target as well to get a good shot, while you learn carrom.

  • Right Edge

You have to keep in mind, placing the right edge is necessary to frame a good shot. For a normal straight shot, form a 180-degree straight angle with the striker, from the pocket and carrom men. Get a close angle to the required one, to aim for the perfect shot.

Well, these are not the only things you should keep in mind while playing. Remember the following as well points as well-

  • Familiarize with the Board
  • Care about the Pieces
  • Value the Queen
  • Avoid Fouls
  • Use Trick Shots
  • Block Opponent
  • Take Risks as it is necessary

How to Win Carrom? The best techniques to learn carrom for striking- 

  • Thumb and middle finger striking style

It is one of the most common styles and helpful when you learn carrom techniques. To learn this striking style the player needs to place the middle finger backward with the thumb. You can try to release the middle finger with pressure to hit the striker. Players can try different angles as per the position of the carrom men.

  • Upright long finger striking style 

Keep your hand palm edge in a vertical direction (that works the best) and keep the middle finger perpendicular to the board. When carrom men surround the striker and it’s a tight situation, this style can make you win. While learning carrom, this may seem a bit tough but while competing, it gives you the best results.

  • Index finger striking style

The index finger is placed at the edge of the striker while placing a palm on the board. Release the index finger after putting pressure on the thumb to push the striker. It gives a really powerful shot.

  • Scissors striking style

The index finger plays a vital role in this style as it overlaps the middle finger. It’s done after putting the middle finger’s edge behind the striker. Release the middle finger by putting some pressure and the index finger would go ahead to hit the striker.

  • Middle finger striking style

Put the middle finger at the striker’s edge and place the palm on the board. Create pressure on the middle finger and release it afterward to hit the striker. According to the position of the board, change your hand’s direction.


Carrom is a vastly knowledgeable game. You may not learn carrom at once, but gradually you will learn the techniques and the correct way to apply them. Though online games don’t require you to apply the techniques, it’s always better to know more than you need. You can try playing the game of carrom on Getmega, where you get a chance to win attractive cash prizes.

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