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Want to Get Into CrossFit? Here’s How to Start

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CrossFit is a fitness program that has been around for over ten years. It’s a great way to stay in shape and have fun doing it. If you want to get started, below are some important steps you need to take.

Find a CrossFit gym in your area

One of the first things that you need to do to get started with CrossFit is to find a gym. You can find one in your area by simply googling CrossFit gyms + the city you live in, or looking on social media for groups that are dedicated to sharing information about CrossFit. The best gyms will have coaches that can help beginners figure out what they need to do and what their fitness level is.

Find out what equipment is needed

Before getting started with CrossFit, you should also know whether or not you need any additional equipment. The good news is that there isn’t much you need to get started, but the bad news is that if you want to excel at CrossFit, it will cost a little bit more money for some important items like weightlifting shoes and hand protection. In this case, you may want to check out the best CrossFit shoes that will be able to support you properly while you are training. When it comes to hand protection, you will want to look for gloves that are designed specifically for weightlifting. When you first start CrossFit, your body must get used to the exercises by wearing comfortable shoes and workout gear.

Research the different types of CrossFit workouts 

For you to be able to find a workout that fits your fitness level, you need to take the time to research the different types of CrossFit workouts. There is a variety from those that focus on cardio, to those that will have you doing Olympic weightlifting moves and everything in between.

  • Don’t be intimidated by the workouts

If you think CrossFit sounds too difficult or intimidating, don’t let it get in your way of trying it out. There are many different kinds of people who participate, but regardless if you’re an athlete or not, there is always something for everyone.

Choose your first workout routine

Next up with getting started with this training is choosing the right workout routine. There are a few different options, but most people get started by doing an intro to CrossFit, which will help you ease into it and understand what your body is going through when working out at that level. Then, get started by signing up for introductory classes or buying a monthly membership. Just keep in mind that if you are new to this, it’s probably best not to try and push yourself too hard.

  • Know what level at which to begin training

It’s also good to know where exactly you should be starting when it comes to training. This is where the intro class you did before starting will come in handy because that should be a good indicator of how much your body can handle and what kind of workouts you should do daily. Rest assured that you can always start slow. This means starting with just two days per week, then working up to three. If you’re feeling good about it, try adding more.

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Find someone who can guide you

You’re almost ready to begin training for your first workout, but before you do that, make sure to find a coach who can teach and guide you through the process. A good trainer will be able to help keep track of your progress and motivate you along the way as well. Also, meet with an instructor for a quick introduction to the basics of CrossFit. In this way, you’ll have a better sense of what you’re getting into and feel more comfortable with the equipment.

  • Find a CrossFit open competition near you

If you want something more fun than just working out on your own, then consider signing up for an official CrossFit open that takes place in your area. These competitions will allow you to be part of a team while competing against other people, which is a great way to stay motivated.

Give yourself time to adjust

If you’re a complete beginner trying out CrossFit training, you must give yourself time to adjust and understand how your body is feeling. You might not be able to do everything perfectly at first, so don’t push yourself too hard or expect too much from the start.

Use protein powder after a workout

After every workout session, make sure you drink plenty of water to rehydrate your body, eat a protein-rich snack like nuts or yogurt to help build muscle and take the supplements recommended by your trainer. When it comes to dieting while working out, make sure you know what kind of food intake is right for your goals – whether losing weight or gaining muscle. Also, keep in mind that you need to change up your workout routine every few weeks so that your body doesn’t get used to the same moves, and it keeps challenging itself, which will help with building more muscles.

Keep track of your progress

It’s also important to keep track of how you are doing over time so that you have something measurable to compare yourself against. This means keeping a journal, writing down the weights and reps that you were able to perform on each workout, as well as writing down how you felt. This will allow you to monitor your progress and know whether or not you are getting stronger over time, which is one of the biggest benefits that people enjoy when they start working out with CrossFit.

Make sure that you are tracking not only your progress with every workout but that you are also getting enough rest. You should aim to get at least seven hours of sleep each night and one or two days off from working out, so your body can recover properly.

CrossFit is a great way to get in shape, but like any other exercise routine, it takes time to see results. Be patient and don’t expect results overnight. It takes time to see changes in your body composition and strength levels, so be prepared to stick with it long term before seeing significant changes.

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