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Understanding Whole Health Dentistry

Dentistry can cover a lot of different practices and services making it a very diverse field that can be approached in a lot of different ways. But while most people will simply see dentistry as something to help clean and whiten your teeth, there is actually a lot more that goes into dentistry work as a whole.

Many smaller dentistry practices have begun to offer Whole Health Dentistry services – a kind of dentistry care that focuses on the overall health of the patient, including both causes and effects related to poor oral health. But what does this mean, and is it actually something worth seeking out?

What is Whole Health Dentistry?

As the name suggests, Whole Health Dentistry is based on the idea that the whole body is an important aspect of overall dental health. Dentists in this type of practice do not only focus on your teeth but everything associated with oral health, including a range of diseases and conditions that can both cause and arise from your lack of oral care.

Many dentists are starting to offer services like this in their practices, often based on patient demand for this kind of holistic care. However, proper whole-health dentistry is equal parts reactive and preventative, working to ensure that patients can get rid of existing issues and avoid developing new ones in the long term.

Poor oral health and hygiene do not just make your breath smell. If left unchecked, these issues can lead to further problems or may even be obvious symptoms of a lifestyle that is going to result in more significant issues further down the line. The mouth is still a part of your body, and the idea of whole health dentistry is to treat your oral health as part of your body’s overall health.

Is Whole Health Dentistry Useful?

As described earlier, whole health dentistry is a kind of dentistry care that seeks to cover a variety of issues at once. These can range from chronic issues like gum disease or tooth decay to those that require attention in a much shorter time frame, like a patient’s oral health following a root canal treatment.

While these problems are all important to take into consideration, there is often one common problem that stands out: the impact of poor oral health on your overall well-being. Not only are poor oral health issues likely to have a big impact on the overall look of your teeth and gums, but you might also find that they impact your diet, sleeping habits, and overall mental health.

Even if your oral health is not a problem, it might signal that you are developing problems in other areas. A poor diet can make it harder to maintain your teeth, but it might also hint that you are not eating well or not giving your body the nutrients it requires to stay healthy and function properly.

Even if you do not develop these problems in the future, the simple fact is that poor oral health is probably not the best for your overall comfort and well-being. Taking a whole health dentistry approach can sometimes help you recognize other problems that might be wearing you down, especially if they are making it harder to maintain your teeth and gums.

Where to Look For Whole Health Dentistry

Whole Health Dentistry practices are a relatively new idea, so smaller local practices tend to offer it most. While the idea has always been there, it is only recently starting to get embraced in some places, so it might take some searching to track it down.

If you are interested in this kind of dental care, then you should consider looking up local practices that can offer it. It can make a significant difference to people who are already struggling to manage their own health and can sometimes offer the extra reassurance you need to know that you are taking care of yourself properly.

Some patients have the perception that whole health dentistry is somehow more expensive than more traditional treatments. In general, this depends on the exact services involved, but the entire process is still normal dentistry at its heart. This makes it a great option if you want something slightly more in-depth than typical dentist practice services.

Local practices are the best place to look. For example, if you are in or near Chelmsford, then turning to somebody like local Chelmsford dentist Dr. Brangan can be a great way to find out if there are more whole-health options available in your area. Be sure to explore all of your options to see what you can choose from.

Why Choose A Whole Health Dentist?

Whole Health Dentistry can be a great approach to care if you are struggling with something. But it also makes a lot of sense if you have been diagnosed with a long-term condition or even a shorter-term issue. It can provide the extra support that you need to help you get back on your feet, or at least be a more comforting form of dentistry.

Being able to get bespoke dental work tailored to your specific needs and biology can sometimes be an excellent step forward. This extra care can be important if you are looking for something specific or just want to tackle a kind of dentistry care need that you can’t get from the other practices you have explored.

Whether you are looking for a preventative service that will help you manage your current health, or one that can help you prevent problems from arising in the future, a whole health dentistry practice could be an option worth exploring. Just remember that dentistry is still mostly focused on your oral health – if you have any serious immediate problems, make sure you are getting the medical attention that you need first.

Since they can often provide something a little bit more personal and individual, you can sometimes find it easier to find a suitable provider this way. But, as always, the best way to find out if this kind of dentistry is right for you is to talk to a provider to get a better idea of what you can expect. A good dentist will be willing to discuss your individual needs, as well as the benefits of their services. 

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