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The Ultimate Company Culture You Need to Adopt in

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Every employee wants to work in a place that is safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. However, it is not rare for employees to instead feel pressured and uncomfortable with their workplace. This might happen because the place where they work does not have a friendly company culture that can help to ease their burden at the office. 

Company culture is the values ​​adopted by a company in running its business as well as managing internal affairs – including employees. Establishing a company culture which can spark happiness and satisfaction among employees is important, because it can help to increase employee morale and productivity.

If employees feel happy, then their performance can be guaranteed in terms of quality and quantity. Here are 10 company cultures that should be applied!

  1. Organize Challenges for Employees

In a workplace, it is only natural for competition to arise between employees. After all, they want to show their grit and capability, which will make them stand out from the other colleagues. But keep in mind that the result is not the only thing that matters, ensuring that the competition is carried out healthily is certainly good for the company.

What the company can do for this is by creating a once-a-year project competition among employees. Start by creating a team within the group first, and ask each team to work their best on a certain project. By the end of the month, the HR department or managerial  team will choose which project stands out more. 

This kind of healthy competition can certainly inspire a work culture that is considered open to creativity. Not only will this do wonders for your company, but it encourages employees to improve their work ethics, nurture creativity, and create a competitive environment.

  1. Don’t Prohibit Employees from Taking a Break 

Employees have their rights and obligations. They should follow their responsibility to work at a certain time, but when the clock strikes 12, the employees have the right to take a break for one hour.

By giving appropriate time for them to rest, employees can rest and relax their mind for a bit. Thus, after the break is finished, they can be back again and continue to maintain focus for work on the remaining hours. The employee is not a machine that can work constantly without taking a break. Even a machine will need to rest from time to time to work optimally. 

One thing that you can do to prevent this from happening is by avoiding having meetings that can disturb employees’ lunchtime. If you need to have a long meeting, you should definitely stop during lunchtime and continue again after the break is over.  

  1. Creating Get-Together Events 

Employees can be more productive and comfortable working at their office if the office environment is comfortable. If tension or unfamiliarity is felt between employees and superiors, this definitely can make it harder for employees to work productively. They will feel like they are full of tension working alongside the boss.

You can make an office like a second home for employees by pushing them to get to know each other and get to know you or the other superior. Having lunch together with the team is an easy way you can do, to get to know the employees better. You can create a better work atmosphere by strengthening the relationship between employees and superiors.

  1. Give Rewards for Employee Achievements

Giving awards can be done by companies to outstanding employees. The rewards given (especially if you complete it with a hefty bonus) will inspire employees to work better and produce high-quality work. In another word, the reward is one of the best strategies you can do to make employees at the office more productive.

  1. Be More Flexible on Work Scheduling

Another method that can help employees to increase productivity is to motivate employees directly. Instead of setting a tight schedule, you should give freedom to the employees to work according to their style. But make sure you remind them that being flexible does not mean they can complete work as they please. You still have certain deadlines and targets, and they can work on anytime they want as long as they finish it before. 

  1. Pay Attention to the Office Condition

The office is a place where employees will work for long hours. Thus ensuring that the condition of the office is good and spotless is required for the employees to be able to complete their job well. 

What you can do to maintain the office condition is by ensuring that the office has proper lighting, servicing the air conditioner regularly, and hiring office cleaning services SG to ensure the office is clean and spotless. These are some of the ultimate ways that you should do to maintain the office condition and make it a comfortable space for employees to work.

By applying good company culture consistently, it can help to promote better productivity among your employees. With productive employees, success will definitely be easier to achieve for the company!

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