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Top Fitness Trends That Are Emerging in 2021

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No matter the body type, age, or BMI, every individual must stay fit. Fitness and healthy lifestyle help reduce the risks for any chronic illnesses and improve the overall quality of life. Individuals who prioritize fitness routines tend to live a more healthy life. There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of our lives. The one thing that most people learned from this deadly virus is to prioritize mental and physical health.

However, social distancing and lockdown restrictions have indeed changed the routine of many individuals. The closure of the gymnasium and fitness studio has caused fitness freaks to adapt to the new fitness lifestyle. As a result, this shift in routine among people has become an emerging trend in this new normal. Are you curious about which new workout routines will impact the fitness industry? Then, read on below to learn the trending fitness landscape for 2021:

1. Virtual Training

It comes as no surprise that with the rise in novel coronavirus cases worldwide, almost every industry is transitioning from in-person to online setup. From educational institutes to business events to amusement places, every sector is looking for ways to operate more safely. Fitness studios and gyms are no different. Although many countries have lifted lockdown restrictions, the fitness industry can still observe a growing online training trend.

Individuals are getting training from their trainers via online video software such as Zoom. Fitness trainers can offer online exercise programs to individuals or groups 24/7. The best part of virtual training is you can get into a fitness routine at the comfort of your home, either as a live or prerecorded video. You can work out at home and still stay connected with your fitness peers. Fitness enthusiasts might miss the in-person gym environment. Yet, the new virtual fitness landscape seems to be an enjoyable experience in these times.

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2. Introduction of Wearable Technology

Although wearable technology is nothing new, the fitness industry expects to see this trend continue to grow in the coming years. More and more people opt to utilize technology in their everyday life activities in the modern digital world. Today, many fitness freaks are employing wearable tech to monitor and share their health information.

The question arises what exactly is wearable technology and how they help individuals in maintaining their fitness? Wearable technology refers to electronic devices that allow to monitor and assess the fitness of an individual. These devices can measure heart rate, sleep routine, blood pressure, and much more. Some of the everyday wearables include smartwatches and fitness trackers.

3. Focus on Holistic Training

Gone are the days when people would only focus on physical fitness to maintain a healthy lifestyle. People have become more aware of the benefits of holistic health in the present age. Moreover, the COVID-19 epidemic has impacted individual’s mental health significantly. Therefore, more people are combining physical and psychological health exercises to enhance their overall wellness. Some of the mental health activities include yoga, pilates, meditation, etc. Mass fitness consumers are driving towards this approach to relieving their stress and stay active. Fitness lovers today are more moving towards intentional workouts that helps in muscle activation rather than mindlessly moving just for the sake of exercise.

4. Corporate Wellness

A growing number of people are becoming aware of mental and physical fitness these days. That is why almost every company today pays attention to corporate wellness programs. Corporate wellness is no more luxury; instead, it has become a necessity. Potential employees consider it as a determining factor before joining any organization. The new trend will expect employers to encourage the workforce to make physical activity part of their daily routine, such as walking to the meeting room, mid-day exercises, etc. By making physical fitness, a priority in the workplace will increase productivity and improve the overall well-being of employers.

5. Outdoor Workouts

Let’s admit it; outdoor activities are a rejoicing experience for everyone. Outdoor workouts are not something new. Many people in the past used to perform outdoor fitness activities in the local park to enjoy nature. Since strict corona lockdown restrictions banned fitness freaks from hitting the studio, more consumers are diverting their attention to the open environments. A simple walk, cycle ride, yoga, hiking are some outdoor treats for fitness enthusiasts. Working out in the open air mitigates the risks of intensive training and is also suitable for your mental health. So tie up your laces and go out to become a part of this new trend.

6. High-Intensity Interval Training

You might be wondering it’s about time HIIT is out of the market and would no more be a fitness trend this year. However, the truth is HIIT will continue to remain in 2021 too. High-Intensity Interval Training or simply HIIT refers to short intervals of high-intensity anaerobic exercises alternated by medium to low-intensity workout sessions. The key benefit of this type of training is that fitness individuals can achieve their goals quickly. Since most fitness lovers wish to have lean muscles and quick bodyweight loss, HIIT remains a fitness trend in the current year. Individuals can enjoy HIIT training in a fitness studio or an open environment.

Key Takeaways

The fitness industry will continue to evolve. With the advancement in technology, the industry will offer consumers a more personalized and trendy fitness routine. It is no secret that when the world is over the coronavirus situation, every fitness enthusiast will ponder whether to join the back gym or keep on working out with virtual training. A best practice for fitness studios is to merge online and in-person exercise sessions for fitness individuals. No matter which trends you follow, remember to make fitness routine a permanent part of your life to reap its benefits and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.Bottom of Form

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