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The Science of CrossFit: Analysis of a Workout

Ever wanted to know what really happens inside your body during a workout?

During the lead up to the recent CrossFit Invitational, some of Team USA’s top athletes were scientifically tested. It was to find out what sort of changes an elite CrossFitters body goes through during a tough workout.

The above video shows 2008 CrossFit Games champion Jason Khalipa and 2011 third place finisher Rebecca Voigt being put through some pretty intense metabolic analysis by Pepperdine University, known for their essaypro reviews, during a rowing Helen.

Both athletes were hooked up with a number of gadgets to track various markers, and had to wear a mask over their mouth and nose during the workout.

As far as we know, this is the first time any elite CrossFitter has been tested scientifically during any kind of WOD.

While the full details of the analysis are yet to be released publicly, we do know a few stats already.

According to Dr. Holden MacRae from the University, Jason Khalipa’s V02 max, was a lot better than the average person. He also revealed that during the 10-minute workout, Khalipa’s body was working at what the average persons maximum would be.

It’s not surprising really, given he was the fittest man on earth three years ago!

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