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CrossFit’s Victory Over Anthos: What it All Means

Greg Glassman on Anthos

Greg Glassman on Anthos

Earlier this year, the CrossFit world erupted in panic at the idea that the sport could be ‘sold off’ and changed forever.

At the time, investment firm Anthos Capital had shown interest in buying the 50% stake in CrossFit, owned by Lauren Glassman (former wife of Greg Glassman).

Plenty of rumours circled the CrossFit community about what would actually happen if Anthos bought out the 50% share in the sport.

While we don’t really know what could have, or would have happened, it was rumored that the sale would see the end of the affiliate model created by Coach Glassman, and owners would no longer have to pay the licensing fee for their gym.

It was also rumored that affiliate owners would lose their right to choose what brands they stock in their boxes, and be forced to sell the Anthos company’s endorsed line of products instead.

As expected Glassman did his best to stop this from happening. Before too long the matter was in front of the courts.

On Friday, November 15, 2012, after months of lengthy court battles, Greg Glassman finally announced that he had won the court battle against Anthos.

He revealed that he had previously been given a deadline to match Anthos’ offer for Ms. Glassman’s 50 percent stake, and that he had done so.

Glassman made the payment before the November 15 deadline, after borrowing $16 million from a Boston based equity firm called Summit Partners.

So it appears the saga is finally over. But, what does it mean now and what will change as a result of it all?

Well, nothing really!

With Greg Glassman now the sole owner of CrossFit, it seems that the current affiliate model will continue to run.

Unless Coach gets a sudden change of heart, it’s safe to assume CrossFit will continue to operate in its raw, organic and grassroots style, that has made it what it is today.

And it should also be able to do so with more certainty, knowing that there is no one else who can try to sell their share of the sport, expect for Coach Glassman himself.


Here’s what some of the leading athletes said about the CrossFit vs Anthos debate when it broke out.

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