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The Rx Review Rewards Program Updated

James The Rx Review Rewards Winner

James with his Again Faster Bar purchased with Reward Points.

We just topped up our rewards program for the month. For anyone unfamiliar with The Rx Review Rewards Program the way it works is simple. Basically we reward our readers with awesome cash and prizes for a variety of actions for simply visiting our site.

All you need to do is login with your Facebook account, then every day you come to our site you will score 100 points. On top of that we also reward you every time you tweet, comment, like, or Google + an article. The detailed breakdown of the reward points on offer are listed below:

Visiting our website – every day you come to our website we will award you with 100 points.

Liking one of our articles – find an article you like? Simply click on the Facebook “Like” button at the top or bottom of every piece and you’ll earn yourself another 100 points.

Tweeting – same applies to Tweeting. Find an article you want to tell the Twitterverse about? Then click on the Twitter button at the top and bottom of every article and you’ll score another 100 points.

Google +1 – we know not many people use Google+ but if you do then just like Twitter and Facebook simply +1 an article and you get the drift, another 100 points!

Commenting – agree or disagree with something we have written. Then leave us a comment and guess what? Yep, another points 100 points!

Facebook Like our Page – if you have not already “Liked” our Facebook Page guess what? First time you do “Like” it you’re going to score… wait for it: 100 Points!

You then accumulate those point to win the cash and prizes on offer. You can win a total of 500 points each day (well 600 on your very first day when you “like” our Facebook Page). When you do the math, if you just came to our site for five day and completed each of those actions you would earn yourself a $5 Starbucks Gif Card!

This month we have put up several hundred of dollars worth of goodies that you can win. So here is what we just put up on offer.

2,500 Points – $5 Starbucks Gift Card: one thing we know from all our travels at various CrossFit boxes is CrossFitters love their coffee. If you all lived in Sydney we could just take you out ourselves and thank you for supporting us but unfortunately that’s not an option. So we thought the next best thing is to offer you a Starbucks gift card on us.

10,000 Points – $25 Again Faster Equipment Gift Certificate: Begin CrossFitters we all love a bit of Again Faster Equipment. So we have given you another incentive to purchase some.

14,000 Points – $100 Armaid Therapy Device (US Residents Only): Armaid is a breakthrough, self-administered, massage device. It is designed for people suffering from repetitive strain injuries (including carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and tendonitis) to the forearm, wrist, hand and elbow who are willing to take action for their own health. We recently reviewed the Armaid giving it a 10 out of 10. Being CrossFitters ourselves we know first hand how all that kipping, kettlebell swings and clean and jerks can really impact your arms so we are giving you a chance to win one.

15,000 Points – $50 Rogue Fitness Gift Certificate: find me a CrossFitter that doesn’t need an extra rope or a little extra cash to spend at one of the premier CrossFit equipment companies. Heck, I know I do so thought what better a prize than a $50 Rogue Fitness Gift Certificate.

20,000 Points – $100 Rogue Fitness Gift Certificate: just like I said above. But this time we are increasing your buying power and giving you a whopping $100 to spend which is a pretty fricken AWESOME deal just for coming to our site.

So the question is what are you waiting for? Start earning your reward points today 🙂

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