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“Sh*t Runners Say To Barefoot Runners”

In case you haven’t noticed over the past month, the online world has been flooded with a series of popular online YouTube clips taking a satirical look at all kinds of sports.

Titled, “Sh*t (insert subject matter here) Say”, we have seen a number of sports made fun of with “Sh*t Surfers Say“, “Sh*t fighters Say” and even “Sh*t CrossFitters Say” all circulating around the online world.

A few weeks ago barefoot runners were poked fun off, and this week ANOTHER YouTube clip has been uploaded, but this time making joking about what normal runners say to barefoot runners.

Sound confusing? Check out the following video and it will all make sense.

Enjoy, “Sh*t Runners Say To Barefoot Runners”!

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