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Say Goodbye to Discomfort: 6 Useful Tips for Treating Your Disc Hernia

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A herniated disc, unfortunately, isn’t anything uncommon. In fact, millions of people struggle with it in the United States alone. We can only imagine how devastating the worldwide statistics are when it comes to this.

But the point is that if you are currently dealing with this, for better or for worse, you are not the only one. You are probably under massive stress and pain on a regular basis, trying to uncover various ways to combat all of this.

If you are still reading this article, it means that you are in fact, searching for a solution. If that’s the case, then don’t worry because you’ll be able to make use of the tips that were put together, especially for you!

Did You Consider Physical Therapy?

Back in the day, when someone was having any back-related issues, in most instances, they were told to rest as much as possible. But this wasn’t just a typical rest, but a strict one where you would spend most of your time in bed.

This would normally last for up to two weeks. However, things have drastically changed in the meantime. Nowadays, a vast majority of physicians do not consider this method as effective as other doctors perceived it before.

Most of them think that it’s in fact, crucial for people with herniated discs to stay physically active if they want to recover as soon as possible. Now, a lot of them aren’t too precise when it comes to this, meaning, they do not tell you exactly how active you are supposed to be.

But that’s why, in these types of situations, you should turn to a physical therapist because this person is going to help you understand everything in regard to this and will also:

  1. Keep track of your activity levels
  2. Improve your flexibility
  3. Give you some suggestions when it comes to strengthening workouts
  4. Help you recover relatively fast without making your injuries worse

What About Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery?

There are lots of people who are afraid of going under the knife, but sometimes, that’s the best option you have. Even though you haven’t considered having a cervical disc replacement surgery, if you noticed that there aren’t any improvements, maybe that’s a sign that you should take it into account. So why is it so beneficial?

Bear in mind that the statistics when it comes to this is actually very optimistic. In fact, over ninety percent of people are extremely satisfied with the results. Most of them stated that after the surgery they no longer feel the pain in their neck.

This is particularly important for individuals who have been struggling with neck pain for a longer period of time that was caused by disc-related problems. By having this surgery, your pain levels will be significantly reduced, and you’ll be able to return to normal life.

It Doesn’t Hurt To Try Over The Counter Topical Pain Relievers

Another tool that you can rely on in these instances, is over-the-counter topical pain relievers that were designed to alleviate lower back pain and sciatica. The best options as far as this is concerned, are medicated creams, like diclofenac, which you can apply to your lower back.

So what exactly will it do? It’s going to decrease inflammation and swelling. Another thing that you can take into consideration is balms and gels, such as Tiger Balms and Icy Hot. Both of them are high in ingredients that generate a mild warm and cool sensation.

Once you apply them to the area that hurts you the most (like your lower back), you will almost immediately feel a huge relief because these products are intended to distract your brain from feeling all this excruciating pain.

Make Sure To Maintain A Healthy Body Weight

It is widely known that excess weight can lead to a variety of different problems. One of them is problems with disc hernia. Therefore, if you are currently overweight, then you need to do what’s necessary to lose those extra few pounds.

Bear in mind that excess far, particularly around your tummy can seriously strain your bones and muscles in the lower back. Therefore, you should opt for exercises that are going to enhance the stability of your spine.

If you’re not sure how to eat the right way, then you can always consult a nutritionist or dietician, to see if they can provide you with a list of healthy foods that will not only help you lose weight but maintain it as well.

What’s generally a rule of thumb when it comes to this is to make sure you consume as many healthy and nutritious foods, such as fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean meat, complex carbs, etc.

Other Useful Alternatives

If you’ve tried conventional physical therapies, yet they didn’t help you as much, or you simply aren’t interested in them, then maybe you should consider having other alternative therapies. In these types of situations, there are two excellent options at your disposal.

For starters, you should consider acupuncture, which represents an ancient Chinese medical practice that is typically used to alleviate the pain and as it turns out, it’s very effective for this health condition.

Another alternative option is chiropractic care which can be of huge help to anyone who is struggling with herniated discs. It’s going to help you relieve the pain through spinal manipulation.

After assessing your spine, this professional is going to adjust it to bring it in the right alignment, and, simultaneously, alleviate pressure on your nerves and disc.

Exercising Can Help You Too!

As stated above, being physically active is of huge importance when battling this health problem. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should, by any means, exert yourself, but instead, choose something that’s relatively light, yet that’s going to keep your body moving. If you’re unsure what to opt for, just consult your physical therapist.

You may be currently feeling hopeless, thinking that there’s nothing you can do to reduce the pain you’ve been experiencing, however, as you can see, there are so many things you can do to change things for the better.

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