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San Diego Drug Rehab Offers Aftercare Program to Help Those Continue to Navigate Recovery After Treatment Concludes

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Many people think that the hard work is done once treatment is over, but the hard work is just beginning for many. This San Diego drug rehab offers an aftercare program to help those continue to navigate recovery after treatment concludes. The amazing staff at Northbound offers support in every stage of recovery. The aftercare program at Northbound Treatment Center eases you back into the real world after treatment has concluded. 

Northbound believes in recovery, and they believe in transparency and honesty. And they also believe that with the right care, anyone can successfully overcome addiction and maintain sobriety. Here is a list of the different aftercare programs Northbound offers and what to expect.

Types of Aftercare

12 Step Meetings

Northbound offers the opportunity to attend 12-step meetings. This is the same 12-step program based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). This program is well known by many for its ability to help millions of people recover from addiction. It is based on the premise that people can help each other achieve and continue an addiction-free life. 

Work Exchange Programs

After clients finish their treatment, they have the opportunity to join the work exchange program at Northbound. They can even study to become a licensed addiction counselor and help others going through many of the same challenges they once faced. 

Sober Living

At Northbound, they offer safe facilities where clients can live in a supportive environment where they can practice what they have learned. Clients living in these facilities in the aftercare program must abide by all the rules to be allowed to stay, including a strict curfew. 

Clients must remain free of any mind-altering drugs. This can include but is not limited to:

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Opioids
  • Heroin

Clients must provide regular drug screenings 

The sober living programs hope to hold them accountable and empower them to stay on the right path. If a relapse does occur, the problem is quickly identified, and certain steps can be taken to help them.


Relapse is sometimes part of the process. At Northbound, they will help you get back on track. 

They offer special groups such as:

  • Relapse prevention groups
  • 12 steps and self-help groups
  • Outpatient meetings

Relapse is not a sign of failure, and it’s just an opportunity for an even stronger recovery. This San Diego Rehab offers an aftercare program to help those continue to navigate recovery after treatment concludes. Studies have shown that people who continue counseling after treatment have a higher success rate of staying sober. 

Sobriety is not something you can or should have to do alone, and you will be able to stay connected to the community and build lasting relationships. In the last year, Northbound has changed the lives of 10,000 people, and that number is only growing. If you or a loved one is interested in the aftercare program at Northbound or want to learn more, do not hesitate to call us at (866) 311-0003.

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