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Robb Wolf v US News Over Paleo Diet

Robb Wolf Paleo Solution

Paleo Diet: Robb Wolf

It seems the Paleo diet really is causing a bit of a stir in the CrossFit world.

A week ago I posted an article about US News and how they ranked the Paleo diet as the worst out of a list of 20. In their study, they claim there’s no research to prove the diet helps people lose weight or increase their fitness.

The news site gave the diet a two out of five rating, and virtually urged the public to stay away from using it.

Days later Robb Wolf, a leading expert on the Paleo diet, was flooded with emails and messages from CrossFit athletes, concerned about the findings. In response, Wolf got in touch with a leading professor and asked him to write a rebuttal to the US News article.

One of our readers, James, alerted The Rx Review that Wolf then posted it on his website, asking all his readers to blog, Facebook and Tweet it to everyone they knew.

The result?? A mini online war between Wolf, US News and the thousands of Paleo diet users across the globe.

We here at The Rx Review are big supporters of Wolf and his theories on health and diet. In fact some of The Rx writers have had some very positive results after reading and implementing some of his suggestions in his book, The Paleo Solution. Despite these stories of success and many other positive testimonials from people who have tried the Paleo diet, it’s fair to say this debate over is one which isn’t going away anytime soon….

For those interested, you can find Prof. Cordain’s response letter here.


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