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Cain Velasquez and Vibrams

Cain Velasquez in Vibrams

Velasquez Training in Vibram Komodo Sports

It was just over ten days ago today, on November 12, that the biggest fighting event in UFC history took place. The fight, which aired on FOX, pitted the undefeated heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez against the heavy-handed Junior Dos Santos.Cain Velasquez in Vibrams Closeup

It was the first time the UFC was shown live on network television, which marked the beginning of the UFC on FOX partnership.

Unfortunately, the fight only lasted 64 seconds but was still a great display of skill in action.

In any event, last night I decided to go back and watch the UFC Countdown show that was filmed in the lead up to the main event. It’s a fascinating insight into the fighters’ lives and most importantly shows some of the different training techniques fighters are now incorporating into their training.

Vibrams and Velasquez
What I found interesting was the scene that showed Cain practicing his kickboxing. If you looked carefully you could see throughout the session Cain was wearing what appeared to be a pair of Vibram Komodo Sports.

Vibram have been gaining popularity within both the CrossFit and running communities for some time now. So it is interesting to see such high profile UFC athletes also beginning to embrace the barefoot shoe. Rashad Evans was one of the first UFC fighters to incorporate Vibram’s into his training, now it appears he is now in good company.

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