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Review: ‘The Stick’ Myofascial Muscle Release Roller

The Stick Massager

The Stick Massager

This week, we take a moment to review the mobility tool called The Stick.

Item: The Stick
Price: $45 – $55 USD
Manufacturer: The Stick

With all the new brands and products released in the past year, choosing the right self massaging tool is becoming harder and harder. A few years ago, if we started getting tightness and muscle soreness, we used to go see a myotherapist, however these days it’s all about doing it yourself!

One product that has been spoken about on online circles in recent times is ‘The Stick’ self massaging tool.  Referred to by the maker as a ‘toothbrush for muscles’, the product is designed to roll knots out of muscles, provide myofascial release, and perform trigger point therapy.

The Stick is designed for athletes at a very basic level, and is more for a low range of tightness than for deep tissue damage, so don’t expect it to work miracles on your body.

The Stick Massager ReviewThe good thing about it, is how easy it is to use.  The Stick is light, small in size, comfortable in the hand, and easy to reach most parts of the body. In terms of muscles, the calves and quads are probably the easiest to target, and runners in particular have raved on about how good they are in relieving tightness after a long jog.

It’s also fairly cheap, with a standard Stick selling for around $30 on Amazon. However, apart from that, The Stick’s positives dry up.

The reality is, everything The Stick can do, a foam roller can do better. Where The Stick only relieves light muscle tightness, a foam roller can remove deep knots in most parts of the body. Additionally I found the [Theracane] I reviewed just a few week back to be much more beneficial.

The Stick also requires a lot energy for it really to be effective. A foam roller uses your own body weight, while The Stick requires your hands to add pressure to the muscles. And trust me, after ten minutes of massaging, you will start to get pretty tired!

Overall, The Stick is kind of like a less effective version of a foam roller, and doesn’t get deep enough to warrant it’s purchase.

While it works well on calves, and is good for portable use before events and while traveling, there are better options available in its price range.

So the question is does The Rx Review “Prescribe” or “Deny”  The Stick. This is a difficult because there will be times when you are at an event and don’t have the room to foam roll were you could find The Stick beneficial. However those times are just too far and few between. So although we do not think it warrants a “Prescribed” purchase tick of approval, we won’t outright “Deny” it either.


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