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Review: Rogue SR-2 Ballistic Jump Rope

This week we take a moment to review the Rogue SR-2 Ballistic Jump Rope.

Item: Rogue SR-2 Ballistic Jump Rope
Price: $65 USD
Manufacturer: Rogue

In the above video review, John and Michael give their thoughts on the SR-2 Ballistic Jump Rope from Rogue.

Earlier, we released a first look video of the jump rope, going over a few of its main features including its super fast spinning handles and light weight materials. You can check out the first look video by clicking here.

The Ballistic Jump Rope is made from materials like aircraft grade aluminum, so not only is it light but it’s also fairly strong. Selling for $65 from the Rogue Fitness website, the SR-2 is one of the more expensive ropes on the market. Compared the the Rx and RPM ropes, which we rate as some of the best ropes available, the SR-2 Ballistic Jump Rope sells for around $10-$15 more.

In the above video review, we go into more depth about the good and bad features of the Ballistic Jump Rope and let you know if we think it is worth buying.

Specifically, we compare it to Rx and RPM rope, discussing the differences in things like weight, accuracy, handles, bearings and much more.

Check out the full review in the video above, and let us know your thoughts on the Rogue SR-2 Ballistic Jump Rope in the comment section below.


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