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{re}vici Apparel Enters the Functional Fitness Market

Revici Gear

The clothes we wear go a long way to defining what kind of person we are. It’s fair to say you can tell a lot about an individual, and their interests, by the apparel they choose the workout in, the shirts they have in their closet back home, or the pair of shoes they buy while out shopping.

Certain clothes are synonymous with certain lifestyles, and the functional fitness world is no exception. One only has to walk around at the CrossFit Games to realize the sport/lifestyle, has it’s own style of clothing. Whether it is the endless Rocktape the athletes strap to themselves before every WOD, or the latest pair of Nano’s the spectators are walking around in, you can pick functional fitness fanatics from miles away.

Over the past few years, there have been many brands that have contributed to creating this ‘style’, and in recent times, one of those brands is {re}vici.

TruckerHats revici


{re}vici is a clothing brand that prides itself on designing high quality apparel for those who eat, breath and sleep fitness. As they state, their goal is simple:

“To provide comfortable, quality clothing that reflects an active lifestyle”.

{re}vici was launched in 2011 by two guys who wanted to create a brand of clothing that would define the functional fitness community. Basically, they wanted athletes to be able to identify with fellow athletes through the casual clothing they were wearing outside of their CrossFit affiliate.

After starting out with just basic tee’s {re}vici now has a large range of clothing apparel for both men and women to choose from, including hats, hoodies, thermals, and tank tops. And unlike some other apparel brands in the fitness market, {re}vici put a lot of time and care into the quality of their threads.

“When {re}vici products get to the customer, they’ve been tested inside and outside of boxes. Been put through the ‘ringer’ and tweaked to make sure they meet our standards,” co-founder Tim Vest says. “I work out in our gear and I am very picky about what I sweat in!”

re vici

But one of the most unique features {re}vici offers is the ability to design your own apparel! The brand understands that all athletes have their own unique taste in clothing, so they allow you to chose the style and design you want.

With more than a dozen colours to choose from, you can simply head to their website, select the style of shirt you like the best, and have your own graphic logo printed on it! The feature is perfect for those who want to get a number of shirts made for their CrossFit affiliate, or for an upcoming Event. It’s also a great way to support one of your box’s athletes at a CrossFit Regional Event or even the CrossFit Games.

With a number of high profile brand ambassadors, including 2013 CrossFit Games competitor Michelle Crawford (who won the Zig-Zag Sprint Event in this year’s competition), you know {re}vici’s line of clothing can be trusted.

CrossFit Games Competitor Michelle Crawford Wearing {re}vici Gear!

CrossFit Games Competitor Michelle Crawford Wearing {re}vici Gear

Right now, {re}vici is also giving you the chance to win a free month’s membership at the CrossFit affiliate of your choice. All you need to do for your chance to win is enter you email address into the competition section of their website by clicking here.

To keep up to date with all {re}vici’s latest range of discounts, make sure you follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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