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Reebok Removes Celebrities from Marketing Campaign

Jack Osbourne Reebok CrossFit

Jack Osbourne promoting Reebok CrossFit in London last year

A year after Reebok launched their global CrossFit marketing campaign, with the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Jack Osbourne at the forefront, it appears the company is changing tact.

An article posted in Marketing Week notes, “Reebok is dropping brand ambassadors such as Lewis Hamilton and cricketeer MS Dhoni from its latest global marketing campaign to focus on how customers are transforming their lives through fitness.”

It is not yet clear if last years the “Sport of Fitness has Arrived” campaign will be phased out altogether.

Marketing Week spoke to Yan Martin, the VP of brand marketing who said “We’re celebrating individuals who find purpose by pursing their passions. We believe that everyone has the potential to transform their lives through fitness and creativity, and want to encourage this discovery, whether its through CrossFit or group training workouts, running clubs.”

Reebok states:

“LIVE WITH FIRE is a rallying cry to live life to the fullest. It’s not enough to just walk through life; you should live your life with passion, intent and purpose. When you do, your whole life will ignite and in turn, you will ignite the lives of people around you. At Reebok, we are uniquely positioned to spark your potential, and then to be the partner that shares your passion. We don’t believe exercise or creative expression is about the ‘glory,’ but rather the means by which people can reveal better versions of themselves. We are a community of like-minded people, who don’t just encourage people to move for the sake of movement; we believe movement is the path to becoming physically, mentally and socially stronger. And we believe this path we are on will grow, like a fire, and influence those around us, making them stronger too.

In a new video posted by Reebok on YouTube there are several scenes where the CrossFit logo is clearly displayed and embed within the piece.

After last week’s interesting social media meltdown that took place between CrossFit and Reebok, it will be interesting to see how the Reebok continues to promote the CrossFit Brand.

You can check out both advertisements below:

Reebok Live with Fire

Reebok CrossFit: The Sport of Fitness has Arrived

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