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2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open: 12.3 – Where the Big Names Are

2011 Open Winner: Dan Bailey

2011 Open Winner: Dan Bailey

After three grueling weeks of 2012 CrossFit Games Open, all leaderboards are starting to show a big divide between the real contenders for the title, and those just in it for fun.

With less than one day until the fourth workout being released, I thought I’d take the chance to recap where some of the big name competitors are heading into the second final workout.

For the second week running Rich Froning Jr. and Kristan Clever lead the men’s and women’s comp respectively, and are joined by a number serious contenders in the top ten, including a few athletes who many of us never heard of a month ago.

The standout is Josh Golden who sits in second place with only one year of CrossFit experience under his belt. Many thought after the second WOD, he might fade down the leadeboard like others have this Open, But Golden proved them all wrong pulling out the 9th best score in workout 12.3 with 483 reps.

Week one co-leader Scott Panchik has also held his ground and sits in 9th spot overall, unlike Danilla Shokhin who has now slipped all the way down to 125th after struggling with the snatches.

In the women’s half Emily Bridgers from the South East region has been the big surprise. With just over a years experience in the sport, the 24 year old registered the second best score in workout 12.3 (534 reps) and now sits in 5th place overall.

Here’s a quick look where some of the other big names are at heading into the fourth week:

Men’s Comp

Rich Froning Jr. (2011 Champion) – 1st place, 531 reps in workout three

2008 Winner Jason Khalipa

2008 Winner Jason Khalipa

Dan Bailey (2011 open winner) – 3rd, 518

Jason Khalipa (2008 Champion) – 15th, 459

Rob Forte (3rd Australia 2011) – 19th, 437

Pat Barber (4th 2008) – 25th, 438

Chris Spealler (3rd 2010) – 39th, 448

Blair Morrison (5th 2011) – 46th, 398

Ben Smith (3rd 2011) – 48th, 482

Matt Chan (4th 2010) – 116th, 375

Graham Holmberg (2010 Champion) – 176th, 479

Tommy Hackenbruck (2nd 2009) – 972th, 432

Women’s Comp

Kristan Clever (2010 Champion) – 1st place, 540 reps in workout three

Julie Foucher (5th 2010/11) – 2nd, 531

Annie Thorisdottir (2011 Champion) – 4th, 519

Rebecca Voigt (3rd 2011) – 11th, 445

Christy Phillips (6th 2010) – 30th, 461

Amy Dracup (2011 Australian winner) – 48th, 382

Annie Sakamoto  (9th 2011) – 124th, 397

Tanya Wagner (2009 Champion) – 176th, 392

Caity Matter Henniger (2008 Champion) – 464th, 361

In our ‘celebrity’ section The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper pulled out a modest workout with 242 reps in workout 12.3, which was less than half of what Rich Froning Jr managed to do.  Fitness Lonnie wasn’t much better, with a score of 282 and is now in 3872nd spot overall.

In terms of former, and current, professional athletes, MMA fighter Dustin Winterhalt is on his way to qualify for the Central East region, after pulling out 393 reps and is sitting in 24th spot in the division.

Olympic gold medalist Anna Tunniclife is also on her to way to qualify for the regional’s, sitting in tenth spot in the South East region after scoring 390 in week three.

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