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2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open: 12.2 Final Results

Day four marks the end of the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open 12.2 workout, brining the second week of competition to a close. Although both Rich Froning Jr. and Kristan Clever were able to maintain their respective 1st place positions overnight, yesterday’s team’s leader, Raw Training lost their grip.

We are reporting today’s results as final, though it should be mentioned that affiliates still have till 5pm PT to validate their scores.

In any event this is where the leader board stands an hour after the close of event 12.2 at 1pm AEST, 6pm PT.

12.2 final results

CrossFit Open 12.2: Final Women’s Leaderboard Results

Both Kristan Clever’s (102-reps) and Julie Foucher’s (99-reps) scores were strong enough for them to stay in 1st and 2nd places overnight. However, Emily Bridgers who yesterday held onto 3rd, has today been pushed down the leader board to 5th. Andrea Ager who scored 96 repetitions has replaced her.

Last years 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games champion, Annie Thorisdottir’s spectacular 109 repetitions has dramatically increased her overall standing and slid her into 4th. The well known Camille Leblance-Bazinet has made her first appearance in the top ten this season with a 99-rep performance and now sits in 7th. Rebecca Voigt who took 3rd place in last years CrossFit Games scored 95, which secured her the final place in the women’s top ten.

12.2 final results

CrossFit Open 12.2: Final Men’s Leaderboard Results

For the men’s division Rich Froning Jr.’s 98-reps saw him hold onto the top spot for the better half of the four-day event. Yesterdays 2nd place Kenneth Leverich now sits in 3rd due to Josh Golden’s 90-reps. Both of these two men, Leverich and Golden have each beaten the other by a single rep in each workout and shows you just how close this competition can be.

Last years Open winner Dan Bailey is now in 5th place, with Will Zerlang’s 87-reps securing him 10th.

12.2 final results

CrossFit Open 12.2: Final Team Leaderboard Results

In the teams division, Raw Training was pushed out of 1st place overnight and now sits in 2nd. They were replaced CrossFit powerhouse, Valley CrossFit with a score of 531. With names like Kristan Clever, Rebecca Voigt and Katie Hogan all training and coaching at the facility, it is no wonder they have showed themselves to be a dominant force in the teams event.

Last weeks teams leader, Brick Nation scored 506-reps which pushed them into 3rd place, while the highest total combined score of 546-reps, achieved by Front Range CrossFit saw them move into 4th.

SCF 1 found themselves in the top ten with their combined score of 526-reps, giving them 10th place overall in the global leader board rankings.

That brings us to the end of another week of competition. We now have three days of rest and recuperation before we do it all again.


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