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Product Highlight: {re}vici Lifestyle Pant

As well as looking stylish inside thier CrossFit gyms, functional fitness athletes also take a lot of pride in what they wear outside the box.

One of the most common items purcased in the fitness clothing world is sweat pants, or tracksuit pants as they’re also refferred to as.

In recent year’s brands like Lululemon and Athleta have produced a wide range of lifestyle pants that have been quite popular in the fitness industry. However, one complaint has been that thier prices are just too high for those on a budget.

Thankfully, in recent times we have seen a number of new labels offer alternative’s to Lululemon and Athleta’s designs, which are also more affordable. One of them is {re}vici’s Lifestyle Pant.

In the above video The Rx Review takes a quick look at {re}vici’s latest sweat pant, which sells for around $40 – $50 less than most Lululemon equivalents.

The {re}vici Lifestyle Pant can be purchased for $60 from the {re}vici online store and our first impressions of them have been quite positive.

For more information on {re}vici’s new range of apparel head to the brand’s website by clicking here. Also, be sure to follow them on Facebook to be up to date with any discounts and giveaways in 2015.

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