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Product Highlight: crossFIXE Hand Care Kit

Over the years of training I’ve torn my hands on butterfly pull-ups, ripped by wrists on gymnastic rings, shaved skin off my shins on box jumps and had more bumps, scratches and bruises than I can imagine.

When an old rock climbing mate of mine saw what was happening, he suggested a product called climbOn. Rockclimbers have been using climbOn for years for the very same reason, and when I gave it a try, I quickly learned why. In fact, it was so good at repairing tears I passed it on to a mate of mine who wrote this review here. 

climbOn is made by a company called SKINourishment, who also produces a rebranded version of the produced called crossFIXE. While I must disclose the fact crossFIXE is an advertiser of this site, I’ll also say they make the most amazing skin products I’ve ever come across. That’s why I was so excited they came out with this hand care kit that I love to death. 

The kit is only $15.50 includes three items:

1. A natural pumice stone from California’s Mt. Shasta.

2. A roll of Goat Tape

3. A mini tube of crossFIXE 

What I love about the kit is the fact the pumice stone is literally hand gathered by a cool laid back California guy from Ward Pumice and all the packaging is biodegradable.

Check out the video above or to purchase it click here.

UPDATE: September 8, 2014. This week we are giving our readers a chance to win one of 20 of these Kits. Click here to enter.

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