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Pink Slime: The Slimy Details

Pink Slime Process

pink slime process

It was earlier this month I discussed the growing firestorm over the issue of pink slime.

At the time I described how the product was made, gave a short history of how it was first created and noted the Jamie Oliver video which brought the issue into the national spotlight.

Since publishing that article, and amongst a huge public outcry, several supermarket chains pulled all items that contained the byproduct from their shelves. The economic effect of this was immediate, with Beef Products Incorporated, or BPI being forced to temporarily close down three of its meat processing factories in Iowa, Texas and Kansas.

I recently found a video from Jim Avila of ABC News who gives a clear and concise rundown of how the term pink slime was coined but best of all he provides a detailed example of the manufacturing process required to make it.

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