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MyBoxLive CrossFit Viewing Heaven?

Are you like most CrossFitters and find yourself endlessly downloading CrossFit videos? Does your spouse or partner regularly find you on The Journal, YouTube and Vimeo watching the likes of Spealler, Khalipa and Burgner?

Well, I have good news for you (maybe bad news for your significant other) because I just found a website that can take your CrossFit addition to another level. It’s time you were introduced to your very new procrastination heaven. Introducing

I recently came across the site myself and was blown away by the sheer volume of videos they had. From some of the original instructions featuring Mark Rippetoe, to the more modern featuring, KStar from the MobiltyWOD.

But wait, the selection does not stop there. From workout demos, athlete interviews, training techniques, myboxlive has an entire catalogue of videos that would keep even the most ardent CrossFit fan glued to their seat for days.

I recently had the chance to chat with one of the founders of myboxlive, Jamie Penna to find out more about her website.

So Jamie how would you best describe myboxlive? is a video sharing site for Power Lifters, Tri-Athletes, Crossfitters, and Fitness Enthusiasts. Through our site, users are able to watch, learn, and discuss the content in the videos.

What was the reason you decide to start the website?

Like many new Crossfitters, when I joined CrossFit, I found myself watching every skill tutorial or WOD demo that I could find. No matter how many videos I watched on a particular skill, I was able to learn something new.

Myboxlive founders

Myboxlive founders. Autumn (left) Jamie (Right)

The main issue I found was that the videos were not categorized and difficult to sort through. It was also disheartening to see the negativity in the comments about the videos, and it was clear that the people watching the videos had little understanding of how difficult some of the CrossFit movements and workouts actually are.

Why would someone want to post a video just to be ridiculed? So, I proposed to Autumn [myboxlive’s co-founder] that we start a video sharing site for the fitness community.

Once the site was up and running, it became evident that people felt the same way that I do. Similar to what I have my students do on teachertube, many coaches were instructing their athletes to go to myboxlive to learn specific movements to prepare for class the next day.

Aside from learning, our website gives boxes and gyms an opportunity to share what they are doing with the world. Every box has a story; moreover, every box has something that is completely unique. We want to see it. We developed myboxlive so that people could broadcast their box.

Finally, can you explain how myboxlive works?

We currently have several features on myboxlive.

Upload or Live Stream:
Users can sign in and upload their own video through their webcam or upload their file. Users are also able to live stream off of their webcam by clicking on broadcast. We often live stream our WODS at Hardbat CrossFit. Members that will be going to the later classes usually log on to watch while they are at home or work. They are also able to participate in a discussion.

Watch Videos:
Users can either watch videos based on recently added, recently watched, most commented or they can choose to watch a channel. We have several channels that include Power Lifting, WOD Demos, Healthy Living, MWOD, GWOD, etc. The videos in those channels have been tagged when uploaded to go into a specific channel. Myboxlive creates the channels; however, we are always open to channel suggestions. When a user views a video, they are able to share that video with all of the major social networks. They can also add that video to their favorites or playlist.

User Experience:
Users can create groups. This is especially helpful to box and gym owners. They have the ability to make their videos private to only that group. They can add videos to the group and the owner can decide if videos need to be approved. Some of our current groups include The Paleo Group, CrossFit Coach, Hardbat Crossfit, etc. Users also create a profile that is specific to CrossFit and Fitness. So, they are able to post their max lifts, Benchmark WOD times, eating habits, etc. Users are able to create their own playlist of videos as well.

We are currently in the process of promoting and sponsoring events. We will be going to The Capital Games in October. We will stream live and take video for their event. We will create a channel for their event and post all videos to that channel. So, if you were in the event, you can go to that channel and watch all of the video that was taken.

The best part about myboxlive is that it’s run by CrossFitters with the fitness community in mind. We can adapt the website to fit the needs of the community.

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