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Muscle Ups In Globo Gym

Bar Muscle Ups in Globo Gym

Not Your Every Day Muscle Up

We all know how difficult a muscle up can be. Just the other day I wrote a piece titled “Muscle Ups On The Bar,” which detailed how anyone with access to a standard chin up bar could practice a muscle up without gymnastic rings.

Since I started CrossFit I have slowly become more proficient with the standard ring muscle ups. That by no means is to say I no longer have problems with them. Like anyone else who has done them in a WOD, when fatigue kicks in there are still times I miss one, two, or even three reps. Although for the most part I have reached a point where if I see them in a workout I’m confident I won’t have an issue with them.

Bar Muscule UpsSo when I showed up at the park over the weekend and attempted the muscle up on the bar, I was pretty sure I would be able to do at least one, if not two or three reps. However after 15 minutes, I accomplished a measly z-e-r-o! Yep that’s right, I was unable to do a single repetition. I wanted to keep trying but at that stage my arms and back were so fatigued I had to stop. I soon realized much like the first day I attempted the gymnastics muscle ups, the bar would also require some time, technique and little perseverance before I would be able to complete multiple repetitions.

Strength in BalanceLater that day I reviewed the demo video of the bar muscle up in an attempt to gain some insight into where I may have gone wrong. Then, like many of us do after watching a YouTube video, one click lead to another, then another, when I finally stumbled across a video which showed me how far behind I really was.

Not only could these people easily do a bar muscle up, they showed great proficiency in handstand walks, handstand push-ups and overall an impressive display of core strength and movement in action.

Muscle Ups in on Gym EquipmentWe have all heard stories of CrossFitters being kicked out of various gyms, which is why I find this video so interesting. I love to see people doing such random, yet physically demanding movements especially in a traditional globo gym. My only hope is like many CrossFitters before them, they too weren’t shown the door. Although judging by the last few seconds of the video I don’t think they will be training there much longer.

The video starts off slow but kicks in at about the one minute mark.

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