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More Prizes Added to our Rewards Program!

The Rx Review Rewards Program: More than $600 to be won!

The Rx Review Rewards Program: More than $600 to be won!

Good news for our loyal readers –  The Rx Review Rewards Program has been topped up with prizes yet again.

In the past month we have given away hundreds of dollars worth of giveaways, including Rogue, Again Faster and Starbucks gift cards to readers who are signed up to the program.

For those who are new to The Rx Review, or still not sure how it all works, our Rewards Program is basically a point system designed to reward regular readers of our site. Every time you visit, post a comment, like something of ours on Facebook, or Tweet about one of our posts, you will earn a 100 points for that action. Once you get enough, you can then redeem them for prizes!

This month we have added a number of new items to the list, including an Armaid Self Therapy Tool, which is the first ever product to earn a perfect 10 out of 10 review score by The Rx Review.

All up there is more than $600 worth of giveaways to be won. Here’s a breakdown of how many points you need to win each prize:

1,000 points – $5 Starbucks Gift Card:

5,000 points – $10 Starbucks Gift Card:

7,500 points – $20 Rogue Fitness Gift Certificate:

10,000 points – $50 Again Faster Equipment Gift Certificate:

13,000 points – $75 Again Faster Equipment Gift Certificate:   

14,000 points – $100 Armaid Self Therapy Tool for Arms and Elbows:

15,000 points – $100 Rogue Fitness Gift Certificate:

Just like the previous two months, each reader is only able to earn a maximum of 500 points a day, so going crazy and posting comments and tweets on every one of our articles won’t get you there faster.

If you’re keen on signing up, simply click on the ‘Punch Tab’ pop up box that will appear on our website every time you visit, or if you miss it, simply scroll down the page and on the right hand side you will see a button which says “Get Your Rewards!” Click on that, sign in with your Facebook account and away you go.

Remember if you just came to our site for 15 days and simply “tweeted,” “liked,” “Google +” and “commented” you would earn yourself a nice $20 Rogue Fitness Gift Certificate. Pretty sweet deal just if you ask me.

Good luck, and happy reading!

– John

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