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Methods of Choosing the Non-Toxic Rug

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As you know, in the home décor things various chemicals are used to make the finished products. The smell of the furniture polish or color is also done by mixing various chemicals and purchasing it, so the smell fills in your room after placing it in the living room.

Nowadays, all the products are produced from synthetic materials. If you go to the market and evaluate everything, you recognize that all the goods are produced synthetically. Pure natural products are available at a high price, but these are efficient for human health.

While choosing the non-toxic rugs, various points arise in the mind that how to take care of Area Rugs is beneficial for the health, is it safe for children that crawl on it when they start to walk, and so on. Various other questions also come to your mind. The non-toxic rug is beneficial for human health.

Difference between Non-toxic and Eco-friendly Rugs

Eco-friendly rugs possess the properties to protect the planet, whereas non-toxic rugs possess those materials beneficial for human health. Eco-friendly rugs are friendly to the environment and don’t give that kind of smell that creates toxic air. But if that rug is produced from synthetic material, these rugs are not beneficial for human health.

When we search on the non-toxic rug, we understand that the eco-friendly, Green Rugs and sustainable rugs are non-toxic. But these rugs don’t possess non-toxic qualities. These are beneficial for the environment. It doesn’t mean that these are beneficial for human health. So don’t assume like that. This is a misstatement.

Offenders of Non-toxic Rugs

Marketing campaigns convince people to believe that the rugs’ materials are non-toxic and not harmful to human health. For instance, you were convinced by the marketing campaign and purchased the rug from that company, which showed that they are a certified company and making the right standard products, but the strong chemical odor is coming out from the rug. It reflects that the rug is non-toxic and is made synthetically.

As you know, natural resources are limited in every country. Thus natural rugs are not available in a wide range in the marketplace. The stock of these rugs is limited in the market due to limited natural resources, and these rugs’ prices are higher than the synthetic rugs. These rugs are not harmful to human health. If you smell it, the odor of these rugs will not be synthetic, which defines you as the original natural rug.

Not all synthetic materials are harmful to human health, but some are harmful. The toxic chemicals that are used in producing the rugs are listed below:

·         Flame retardant chemicals.

·         Rubber backing.

·         Formaldehyde.

Keep in mind all these chemicals. The awareness of toxic chemicals is essential for every person that chemicals are harmful to their health. If you don’t know, how will you purchase the non-toxic rug?

Turns the Toxic Rug into Non-toxic

Sometimes, it is impossible to find a non-toxic rug, and you purchase the toxic rug due to the unavailability of the non-toxic rug in the market. I prefer you leave the rug in the sunlight because due to heat, the odor of chemicals used in the production of the rugs will be removed. After getting sufficient heat, all the odor goes into the air, and thus it turns into a non-toxic rug.

When you buy the rug, the chemical odor is coming from it. I prefer to sprinkle baking soda on it, through which chemical smells will leave overnight. Then clean the rug with a vacuum cleaner—it is the best way to turn the toxic chemical rug into a non-chemical smell.

Enhancement of the Life of Non-toxic Rug

When you have purchased the non-toxic rug, it is hard to take care of the rug from the toxic material, here are few points that I have briefly discussed below to enhance the life of the rug along with taking care of it.

·         The utilization of a rug pad protects the rug and is also helpful in keeping it from slipping. Thus the rug will stay on the floor and don’t move. Thus the person and the floor both are safe.

·         If you would like to maintain the rug in good condition, turn off the vacuum cleaner’s brush. Due to using the vacuum brush roll, the rug has started shedding soon. Keep your rug safe.

·         Put off your shoes at the door while entering the home. As you know, shoes come inside with the dirt and germs of outside. A lot of environmental toxins and pesticides pasted on the shoes while walking. Thus it creates a mess in the home and declines the appearance of the floor as well. So removing shoes is a good habit and keep the whole house neat and clean. I prefer you to keep the slippers for your home in which you can walk easily on the house’s floor, and the outside dirt is not present in it because it is only worn in the inside home.

Tips for finding the Safer Rug

Check the rug’s material two times before buying it and talking with the sales person because the salesman will give you the idea of which rugs possess the better quality. You also check the color of the rug that reflects which dye has been used. The low-quality dye color faded early as compared to the better quality dye.

After evaluating all such things, you will find the best rug that life will be longer, and your money will not waste. Purchase the non-toxic and better quality rug to fulfill all your requirements of utilizing the rug fully. Keep in mind all the essential points before making the purchase decision and then buy easily.

If you would like to buy non-toxic rugs, visit RugKnots, at which you can find a wide variety of non-toxic rugs, so purchase it according to your home décor and size and make the look of your house pretty.

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