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MATIC to SOL Exchange on Godex: Navigating the Basics

MATIC to SOL on Godex: How to Swap?

Polygon isn’t an actual Ethereum competitor since it’s a layer-2 blockchain that aims to improve the services offered by this blockchain. Solana is a direct rival to Ethereum since it aims to host dApps while offering faster transactions. Does that mean you should trade your Polygon coins and acquire Solana tokens?

Both projects seem to be here to stay, so go ahead with the trade only if it fits your swapping strategy. Don’t forget the importance of finding the best MATIC to SOL exchange, and that’s undoubtedly Godex. Our guide will discuss more about these two tokens and this DEX platform!

Understanding MATIC and SOL

We’ll start by providing a brief overview of the two tokens and their native blockchains, so let’s check out the basics of Polygon and Solana.

MATIC Review

The Matic network used that name until 2021 when it was rebranded to Polygon. It’s a layer-2 blockchain built on top of Ethereum and aims to improve its scalability issues. Ethereum frequently faces congestion, and its transaction throughput isn’t over 20 transfers per second. Polygon is capable of increasing that number to 65,000.

The blockchain aims to secure the multi-chain compatibility of all networks that utilize EVM. Polygon uses the PolyBFT consensus and MATIC as the native coin. It’s an ERC-20 token, which you use to pay transaction charges and earn governance rights.

SOL Review

Solana launched in 2020 by offering a viable Ethereum alternative for building and hosting decentralized apps. The platform uses a unique hybrid consensus mechanism that combines proof-of-history and proof-of-stake approaches. Thanks to that, it maximizes security and ensures fast transaction processing, with the throughput set at 50,000 transfers per second.

SOL is the network’s native token, and it has two basic use cases. The first one is paying transaction fees, and the other is becoming a validator to earn staking rewards.

Introducing Godex

During over five years of existence, Godex maintained the reputation of a reliable decentralized crypto exchange. It’s a non-custodial platform that secures direct transactions without imposing any limits on users. You can trade unlimited amounts, and there’s no restriction on transactions per day, week, or month.

The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, even for first-time visitors. Only a few clicks are enough to complete the trade. Apart from MATIC and SOL, you can swap around 300 other tokens. Godex is also full of useful comparison articles that investors will appreciate. For example, you can visit to compare Solana and Hedera.

Advantages of Using Godex

The way we see it, three main reasons that should attract you to Godex include the following:

  • Fast transactions. Transaction execution is anywhere from five to 30 minutes, and this mostly depends on the time the network takes to confirm the transfer.
  • Privacy and security. No sign-up process is necessary, which means you don’t provide any personal information, not even your name or email. Thanks to that, Godex secures maximum anonymity for its users.
  • No regulation is required. Godex is a decentralized exchange, and no central authority runs it. There are no KYC or AML programs, which also contribute to user privacy. 

Step-by-Step Guide: MATIC to SOL Exchange on Godex

It all begins by visiting or installing the app. Once you load the homepage, here’s how you can convert MATIC to SOL.

  1. Enter the sending and receiving currencies. MATIC is the one you send, and SOL is the one to receive. Don’t forget to insert the amount and pay attention to the minimum requirement.
  2. Add the address of your wallet. In the next screen, enter your wallet’s address and pick whether to send MATIC to the same network, ETH or BSC. You can also choose to receive SOL tokens from BSC or ETH.
  3. Send funds to the specified wallet. Godex will generate an address where to deposit MATIC coins. Send them and wait for an automatic confirmation that the tokens have arrived.
  4. Wait for the transfer to complete. Most transactions are completed in 30 minutes or less, and you’ll be taken to the completion page once the transfer is finished.

MATIC to SOL: Explore the Godex

Godex is the best choice for converting MATIC to SOL smoothly and quickly. It meets the original crypto idea by ensuring anonymity and not requiring private data. It also offers a variety of currencies and favorable rates that both newbies and experienced investors will appreciate. If you feel that converting Polygon to Solana is the right thing to do now, go ahead and take advantage of Godex’s fixed rates!

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