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Kurt Uhlir on Building Resilience: Strategies for Success in CrossFit and Corporate Leadership


Kurt Uhlir helps businesses build resilience by creating a relationship in the CrossFit strategies that resonate with creating successful corporate leadership. Working out and making better leaders have a unique connection in that you must work to achieve your goals. Corporate leaders can draw some traits found in cross-fitness to build resilience, resulting in the company’s growth. As Kurt Uhlir advocates, CrossFit and corporate leaders may utilize the strategies explored in this post to build strength.

Foster Commitment

Commitment is critical to achieving success in CrossFit and corporate leadership. For an individual to achieve the type of body fitness they desire, commitment is a major aspect that should be prioritized. It would be best if you were committed to the process, from light exercises such as jogging to more complex workouts, including weightlifting. 

As you move from lighter activities to complex ones, you will likely give up because the intensity required is too great. But when you commit, you will be satisfied with the results at the end of it all. The same case applies to corporate leadership. Kurt Uhlir, an executive coach and crossfitter, emphasizes that corporate leaders commit to the willingness to put effort into ensuring the best outcomes in the company. 

The team members are likely to imitate the leader because they are motivated when they look at the effort put in by their leader to ensure a productive working environment. The team will become more invested in the business when their leaders are invested. 


Focus is an essential factor when it comes to building resilience. You must focus on a part of your life or work to determine what needs to be changed and what must be improved. You must focus on your goals in a cross-fitting to see the opportunities and strengths you must utilize for your growth. 

You’ll be constantly tested by a lifestyle that discourages training which could easily make you lose sight of your main objectives. A corporate leader must embrace focus to maintain the goals that must be achieved, let’s say, in a certain financial year. Some corporate leaders’ plans include increasing profits, cutting expenses, demanding accountability for using a company’s resources, and others. All these goals must be guided to ensure a company’s growth. 

It would help you to remain focused as a corporate leader, even when you seem overwhelmed by internal and external pressure. However, on the same note on focusing, ensure you stay flexible and pay attention to lagging parts of your business. Make critical changes to provide, let’s say, a project becomes a success at completion. 

Goal Setting

Setting SMART goals is essential to CrossFit and its corporate leadership approach. Both depend on implementing strategies that allow the attainment of these goals. Before you enroll in a cross-fitting training program, you must consider the results you wish to attain. They must be specific goals, you should be able to measure the results using effective metrics, and your goals must be achievable and relevant within a certain time. For instance, when training for an upcoming marathon, you must ensure that you have completed all the training and given your body time to heal before the due marathon dates. 

This will give you the confidence to perform your best in the marathon because you are prepared enough. The same applies to corporate leadership. A good leader must create attainable goals without pressuring the team. A leader must create a healthy working environment and goals without sacrificing the team’s productivity. The leaders should then regularly review the progress of the plans to ascertain that the results will be a success. Attainable goals ensure business growth.

Enhanced Risk Management 

Building resilience for a company calls for better risk management strategies in carrying out the company’s operations. In CrossFit, athletes and trainers adequately assess and evaluate risky situations in their training program. For instance, an individual understands that high-intensity workouts can harm your body and muscles when you have yet to gradually train your muscles to withstand certain intensity levels. 

A wise trainee understands they can get a body malfunction when they engage in certain movements they have not prepared for. In such a scenario, individuals in workout programs should make the right decisions in the type of workouts that best suit them at their respective training levels. This applies to corporate leadership too. 

Corporate leaders must evaluate risk management strategies by making the right decisions for their business. For instance, a corporate leader must ensure workers are always protected from work hazards by making the right decisions, such as investing in protective gear, insurance, and others. A leader must cater to the well-being of the team. 

Be Coachable

CrossFit and corporate leadership can benefit from coaching if they can accommodate training and criticism. It would help if you had someone better than you to guide you on the things you must work on to improve yourself. Be sure to choose a good and reliable coach with whom you can form an emotional connection, as they are likely to be more productive when you connect. 

In CrossFit, always have a coach to guide your workouts. They better know the movements that will benefit you in the short and longer terms. A corporate leader must also embrace the need to have a mentor coaching them on ways they can improve their leadership to benefit the company. A strong corporate leader will welcome coaching and acknowledge the process as a way to enhance their leadership. 

Being coachable allows the corporate leader to appreciate change because working environments tend to be more stubborn, rigid, and bound to traditional leadership methods. For instance, corporate leadership could change from authoritative to servant leadership. Servant leaders are more resilient in serving the people than in exercising their authority on the team. Being coachable will open opportunities for reaching greater heights in success for your company.

Being Patient

Practicing high patience means you must have a good attitude as you wait. Patience in cross-fitting and corporate leadership is essential because you wait for success but still have a good attitude toward the obstacles while working through important improvements. For instance, when you aim for 1000 press-ups to get those abs, you must be consistent and patient enough to achieve them, even when you do not reach them within the designated period. 

The same case applies to corporate leadership. A corporate leader must be patient when implementing a new marketing strategy from a previous one that needs fixing. Parts of a business, such as marketing, are gradual before you can turn your intended audience into customers. A corporate leader leading the marketing team must be patient enough to record results instead of jumping from one strategy to the other, which results in wasting time and the company’s resources. 

Also, mastering leadership skills require patience to master and be productive for the company. Your mind will probably quit more times than your body. Thus, it would help if you found facts that keep you motivated to wait as you monitor progress.

Team working and Collaboration 

CrossFit often involves working out in groups which evoke a solid sense of community. You could set goals as a group to have completed some sessions in one hour. The team will ensure all members are fit and easily meet the sessions instead of lagging. Collaboration fosters the need to help other team members instead of competition on who finishes up first or last. 

In corporate leadership, a leadership style like servant leadership encourages Collaboration by allowing the team members to contribute to the company’s betterment. Servant leaders encourage support and effective communication from the team, allowing them to brainstorm ideas that will best suit the company’s needs. The team members should support and motivate each other to maximize individual performances and foster productivity.

Time Management

Time is an important resource benefitting CrossFit and corporate leadership. Good time management allows you to complete your workout training sessions on time. Crossfitting also helps with the right scheduling. Good time management means that all of the sessions would be attended. You will therefore get greater results at the end of the workout sessions. 

A corporate leader can draw a time management strategy to work out their responsibility and delegate duties to the team. They can manage the team and set deadlines for the projects. Implementing tasks without time management takes up much of the company’s resources. Effective time management allows the team to manage problems that might arise as the project progresses. 

Time management enhances your team’s productivity, resulting in greater business success. When they manage their time responsibly, the team can work within the designated time and meet the company’s goals on time. 

Continued Learning

CrossFit and corporate leadership benefit from continued learning as the team can remain updated on various issues in both fields. In the CrossFit sector, individuals may learn new training techniques that could result in better results. Training has forever embraced the need for coining new techniques and movements. 

This is because old techniques become less effective as you continue to work out. Corporate leadership is multifaceted and utilizes various management methods because there is no one-fit-all strategy to lead your team. Corporate leadership should embrace additional strategies in managing your team because the corporate sector is dynamic. In addition, corporate leaders must harness new skills and new techniques that promote their businesses to attract and retain existing customers. 

Healthy Competition 

Competition is essential to daily academics, jobs, or even sports activities to foster diligence. However, what makes competitive is the attitude individuals carry, which is a positive attitude and acceptance of defeat. Competition greatly differs when it comes to competition as individuals are only encouraged to have a match with themselves and better their performance and outcomes. 

Athletes focus on breaking a previous record by making the current one iconic. This is evident when a sports enthusiast can break their record several times and are not ready to remain on an old record. The same should apply to corporate leaders. They should embrace the need to constantly improve themselves and the team members by breaking a history of previous successes. The leader can go on to reward good performances and encourage healthy competition that only leans on the need to better oneself. 

There is no need for vicious peer competition as the members will waste time resolving unnecessary conflicts caused by unhealthy competition. Competition should give your team a clear insight into improving themselves rather than looking at who is better than the other. Unnecessary conflicts could result in a lack of productivity from the members. 


Most of the time, athletes fail to acknowledge their shortcomings, and they beat themselves up if they fail. However, they should be humble enough to understand that failure is part of the process. They should welcome negative feedback and genuine correction on the training they are doing in the wrong way. Failure to listen to criticism will result in losing the winning streak. 

Refrain from allowing fame and popularity to get deep into your head lest you forget that you have goals to achieve. Humility is one thing that should be integrated into corporate leadership. Leaders who portray humility are often considered the company’s weaker pillar. However, humility aids in leading your team because you can listen to more ideas that could benefit your organization. 

Humility in leadership is critical as the leaders accept and respect everyone in the group, thus promoting productivity. Servant leaders lead from behind to have a great view of the team members. Humility cannot be integrated into authoritative leadership. Therefore, servant leadership could effectively fit in with humble leaders. 

In conclusion, Kurt Uhlir, a renowned coach, and a cross fitter, helps businesses build resilience by utilizing effective strategies for both CrossFit and corporate leadership. The strength created in CrossFit can easily be integrated into corporate leadership as both require highly intensified activities to achieve success. Consider the aforementioned strategies to achieve success in CrossFit and corporate leadership. Remember to balance work and life to ensure you are at optimal status and productivity.

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