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Interview: Josh Golden 2012 CrossFit Games Surprise Packet?

Josh Golden Reebok CrossFit Open 2nd Place lifting

Josh Golden Currently 2nd Worldwide

Every year, the CrossFit Games seem to include a few surprise packets, and it looks like we’ve found our first in the 2012 event.

After pulling out 140 burpees in workout 12.1, Golden showed everyone this week he is a serious contender for this years title, scoring 90 snatches in one of the most technical and intense workouts in the Open’s history.

While he might not have the experience of the likes of Jason Khalipa, Pat Barber or Chris Spealler, Josh Golden is proving that hard work, strength and determination can take you a long way in the CrossFit world.

I had a quick chat with Golden this morning to find out more about his sudden rise to CrossFit success, his expectations over the next few weeks, and who he thinks will be his main competition:

Josh Golden 2nd on Reebok CrossFit Open Leader Board -

Josh Golden Currently in 2nd Worldwide

Last month very few CrossFitters knew about Josh Golden, but today, after week two, you’re in second place overall and being touted as a serious contender for this year’s title. It must be a pretty good feeling?

Yeah I think it’s crazy! I’m just excited to be where I am and I’m just working hard. I’ve had a few people call for interviews, and I’ve been kinda hiding up here, just trying to stay under the radar. But I’m pretty excited about it all.

What makes your performance even more impressive is that you are still relatively new to the sport! Tell us more about that.

I only started CrossFit last year. My first day was the first day of the sectionals actually. A buddy of mine that I used to train with a while ago knew that I’d probably be pretty good, so he called me up and I signed up on the first day of the sectionals.

And it’s fair to say you went pretty well in your first month of CrossFit, finishing 120th overall in the 2011 sectionals. What were your expectations going into this year’s event?

Well, we were hoping for maybe tenth in the region, the Southern California region, I mean that was kinda my goal, but things are looking a bit different now (laughs).

Have you been doing anything in particular to prepare for this year’s Open?

I mean, I moved from Hollywood up to the Central Coast in October to train with a new coach, and he’s been helping with training and nutrition and everything. He’s been keeping my head down and training me real hard and everything.

And apart form the sectionals last year, this is pretty much one of your first ever CrossFit events, right?

Yeah, and it was nice to get into the competition and see what all that stuff was like, I really didn’t have a clue cos’ I haven’t entered any competitions really over the off time, I’ve just been training, so it’s an awesome feeling, yeah.

Josh Golden Reebok CrossFit Open 2nd Place

Josh Golden

Have you received any random messages of support over the past two weeks from members within the community?

A couple of people yeah, but nothing crazy yet, it’s still a bit early.

It’s been a hectic fortnight with the leaderboard, do you think we’ll continue to see changes over the next few weeks?

I think by next week we’re gonna see it’ll probably stabilize a bit and stop some people from going up and down. Last week there were so many little guys who did so many burpees, but this week with the snatches, they might have found it kinda hard to maintain.

Is there one exercise you’re hoping won’t be included in the remaining workouts?

Well I’m glad the snatch is over cos’ that was like my biggest problem. In just one year it’s hard to be efficient in Olympic lifting, so I was hoping it wasn’t gonna be like a huge squat snatch, so I’m glad that’s over.

What workouts are you hoping for?

I’m pretty good at long endurance stuff, if they had a 25 minute or another AMRAP I’d probably be pretty good at it or anything like pull-ups and box jumps. You know, real CrossFit stuff I’d be pretty happy with that. I’m hoping they do some actual Crossfit instead of just the one thing. But, I mean, who knows?

Now there are plenty of big names competing this year, but who do you think will win the event?

I think (Rich) Froning, of course. He’s indestructible for sure, but I think Dan Bailey (currently 5th place) is also gonna do real good this year, I mean he’s got more under he’s belt. But I mean, who else is looking good? Josh Golden maybe? (Laughs).

To keep track of Golden’s performance at this years Open, you can follow his profile on the Games Site.

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