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IV Hydration VS Drinking Water

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It is significant to keep yourself hydrated, especially after excessive exertion. Usually, when you feel dehydrated after a strenuous workout, you would grab an electrolyte drink or drink a bottle of water. This helps replace the water lost through sweating and other dehydrating mechanisms.

But did you know that one of the convenient ways to stay hydrated is taking IV fluids? The IV hydration therapy provides your body with fluids that give you instant energy and rehydrate quickly than any other home remedies. Of course, one thing that makes many people avoid this hydration technique is the thought of a needle prick when fixing a cannula to aid the process.

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In IV hydration therapy, a blend of saline solution and vitamins is injected directly into the bloodstream through a well-located vein and one that’s already been checked for patency. This allows your body to absorb the nutrients quickly in the body. This guide will focus on the benefits of IV hydration therapy and why it is better than drinking water. So, let’s have a look at it.

What Is IV Hydration Therapy? 

Intake of a sufficient amount of fluids throughout the day helps in detoxifying the body. These toxins are removed from the body as urine, stool, and sweat. As such, your body requires more than just water to stay hydrated. It needs fluids full of minerals like calcium potassium, and magnesium. Incorporating the benefits of earl grey tea will also help maintain your energy levels. 

If you want instant results, IV hydration therapy is one of the most effective ways of keeping your body hydrated as it provides all the essential minerals to your body. The therapy injects a combination of beneficial minerals and vitamins directly into the bloodstream. The fact that the content doesn’t have to go through the GI system means that the nutrients are delivered to the body almost instantly.

Thus, IV hydration is a great way to restore your body’s energy, providing all the nutrients necessary for your overall wellbeing.

Reasons Why IV Hydration Is Better Than Drinking Water

A sufficient intake of water is important to keep you hydrated and improve your health. Water plays a vital role in anyone’s health–from efficient digestion to temperature regulation. Many people, however, rush to drink several glasses of water after dehydration. Unfortunately, this may not be enough. The idea is that water consumed through drinking technically needs to undergo a long process before it’s absorbed into various parts of the body.

The IV hydration therapy helps you rehydrate with the instant release of nutrients into your body. Here are some benefits of IV hydration that make it better than drinking water:

Quick Hydration

Drinking water to quench your thirst may provide you some relief, but your body may still require some minerals to be effectively hydrated. The water you drink gets absorbed into your gastrointestinal tract before it starts rehydrating your body. This process may take a while for your body to get completely rehydrated.

On the contrary, IV hydration therapy inserts various useful vitamins into your bloodstream that are quickly absorbed. Consequently, it allows your body to get rehydrated within a few hours and gives you instant relief. It is most useful to recover from your hangover, providing you beneficial nutrients that rehydrate faster and make you feel better.

IV Fluids Better For Nausea

Having a night out drinking may cause hangover symptoms the next morning. Apparently, the body becomes deprived of dextrose sugar, which is vital for energy. As such, you may feel nauseous and dehydrated, which makes you feel dizzy. IV hydration therapy involves IV fluids that bypass the body’s digestive process and enter directly into the bloodstream. 

This will rehydrate you in a matter of few hours only. On the other hand, if you drink water to relieve nausea, it may take many hours before you start feeling energized. Thus, IV hydration is an ideal option if you feel nauseous and dizzy.

Beneficial Supplements

After excessive drinking, you may experience hangover symptoms such as nausea and headaches. IV contains additional supplements that help relieve your headache and nausea. In addition to saline solution, it contains useful minerals, anti-inflammatory elements, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and anti-nausea medications.

However, make sure to get your doctor’s prescription for these drugs. When injected into the body, these medications make you feel better in 20 minutes or within an hour. So, if you want to get yourself energized, consider IV hydration to give you a boost in your energy.

Presence Of Electrolytes

You may require something stronger than water once you have a rigorous workout. Many people prefer taking electrolyte drinks after their workout as these drinks act as an energy booster.

However, electrolyte drinks may not provide some essential nutrients that your body requires. IV hydration includes vital minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium that are directly injected into your body. 

These minerals along with the saline solution, enter your body to make you feel better instantly. Water, on the other hand, may not provide the vital minerals to your body and because it needs to go through all the necessary digestive processes, you might experience delayed results. Therefore, IV therapy is considered over drinking water to restore your energy and improve wellbeing. 

Bottom Line

To sum up, IV therapy comes with beneficial minerals and vitamins that help to achieve instant hydration, compared to drinking water. The body requires some vital nutrients to restore energy and function well. The IV treatments provide additional supplements, electrolytes, and faster hydration that rehydrate your body fast.</

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