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How to Treat Collapsed Trachea in Dogs?

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Collapsed trachea is a common canine issue mainly found in small breeds. The trachea is the windpipe responsible for breathing, and it carries air from the dog’s nose, mouth, and lungs. It is made of cartilage that forms a tube, and when this cartilage breaks or weakens, heavy breathing can cause it to fold or collapse. It then blocks the air passage, and the trachea enters the chest. Consequently, your canine may cough hard and only calm down when breathing returns normally. 

However, you can prevent dog tracheal collapse home treatment before anything serious happens to your pet. Many remedies are available in the market, but CBD products for pets have shown maximum results. Adding it as a supplement to your pet’s daily diet will lower the risk of collapsed trachea.  

Causes of collapsed trachea

It is hard to believe, but your pet begins to suffer before you realize it. Sometimes it can be a case of congenital or your dog is born with weak cartilage in the trachea. But many other reasons lead to this ailment, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • Cushing disease
  • Exposure to smoke
  • chronic respiratory disease
  • Dental problems

Signs you should look for that cause collapsed trachea

There are some common symptoms that you should immediately treat in your dog after noticing. The most common sign is coughing. Your canine may cough a lot, cannot exercise much, and does not eat well or drink. 

However, there are other signs too that you should take seriously when you notice them. They are:

  • Rapid or difficult breathing 
  • Gagging or honking cough
  • Abnormal or shallow breathing
  • Low energy
  • Dental issues more often than normal
  • Possible fainting from lack of oxygen

Is it a serious problem for your canine?

Collapsed trachea is a severe issue for canines and an irreversible condition. It can adversely affect your pet and be a life-threatening concern, affecting their daily life and preventing living normally. Continuous coughing and respiratory distress can cause panic in your pet and adversely affect their quality of life.  

What are the ways to treat it?

If you have a small breed dog, you can easily prevent your pet from having this issue by maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout its puppyhood. Your furry friend needs your help to stay healthy and avoid damage to the cartilage. When you follow these steps, you are giving your pet many years of life. 

Maintaining a healthy weight – You are responsible for managing your pet’s weight daily. Added weight increases the risk of heart and lung disease and may cause digestive issues. It would be best if you did not overfeed, which will risk respiratory function in your canine. 

CBD treatment – Some natural drugs or medications available for your canines can cure any risk of the collapsed trachea. For easing the issue of dog tracheal collapse by home treatment, CBD can be used because it has no side effects. CBD products are beneficial for your pet and help in many ways because:

  • It is anti-inflammatory
  • It relieves pain
  • It reduces anxiety
  • It is bronchodilator
  • It is antispasmodic

Other ways to keep your dog healthy are keeping the air clean around your pet, detoxing them regularly, using a safe cleaning product, etc.  

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