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How To Stay Fit Even If You Are Traveling A Lot

If you have to travel a lot for work (or just like going on vacations), then keeping yourself in shape can be very difficult. It isn’t easy finding gyms in foreign countries, especially if you don’t speak the local language. It can also be a problem signing up for gyms since they aren’t cheap. If you are only staying in an area for a few days, then it probably isn’t worth paying for a gym membership.

This post will explore how you can stay fit even if you are traveling a lot so that you can keep yourself in good health on your travels.


Local Gyms

If you are in a foreign city, finding a gym can be difficult. As mentioned in this post’s introduction, it often isn’t worth signing up for a gym if you are only in a new city for a few days. However, if you are staying for a little longer, you may be able to get a temporary gym membership. You can use online catalogs and directories that’ll help you to find a local gym to go to, in addition to telling you what local gym membership requirements are. Alternatively, you can type in the search term gym near me to assist you in your search. You may want to explore hostel gyms since more often than not, hostel gyms are completely free.

You will often find the gyms busy but you shouldn’t let it deter you from getting your workout in. You could be at a disadvantage if the city you live in doesn’t have the greatest access to gyms. Some cities in Australia scored higher than others for their proximity to gyms.

Healthy Diet

A lot of people forsake their diet when they are traveling. It can be very difficult to eat well when you are constantly on the move since you are often at the mercy of fast-food restaurants and convenience store ready-meals. However, you can still eat a healthy diet, even when you are traveling. The best way to ensure that your diet remains healthy is to avoid eating foods that are high in fat, salt, and sugar, and to avoid anything that’s processed.

Buy Groceries

Following on from the previous point, if you want to eat well when you are traveling, then you could consider buying groceries instead of buying ready meals and eating out at takeaways. Most hotel rooms have kettles and microwaves, and some even have hotplates. You can use all of these things to cook and prepare your own meals. If you have a hotplate, then you have a lot more control over what you eat. You can still cook with a kettle and microwave, it’s just a little more difficult and your meal options are more limited.

Drink Water

In addition to forsaking their diets, travelers also stop drinking water and rely more on fizzy, sugary drinks. Make sure that when you are traveling, you drink as much water as possible. The best way to ensure that you get enough water is to always carry a bottle around with you. However, it is worth noting that it is actually physically possible to overdose on water. To avoid doing this, never exceed more than a liter an hour, and if possible, use an online calculator to estimate how much water you physically need a day according to your body weight and activity level.


Walk Often

Instead of catching cabs, walk. You can use your phone’s GPS setting to bring up a map of the local area, and then use it to walk to your destination. With that said, if you are staying in a foreign city, make sure that the area in which you are staying is safe before you begin walking through it. A lot of people walk through dangerous slums without even knowing when they are in foreign cities. You should do as much research online about the area that you are staying as you possibly can before you go out walking around, especially alone, and at night.

Making Friends

If you are traveling, you can still make friends. Making friends in the destinations that you travel to can make it easier for you to stay fit because you will constantly have people to meet up with and spend time with. A good way of making friends in new places is actually to use hookup apps. You also get the added benefit of having people to hook up with when you use these apps, as well. However, before having sex with anyone in a foreign country, make sure that you get to know them first. There is always a little bit of risk when having sex with strangers since you don’t know who else they have slept with, or whether or not they take safe sex seriously. Hooking up with new people can also be a good way to motivate yourself to go to the gym and to get in shape. 

Hotel Gymnasiums

When you are travelling, one way to ensure that you keep fit is to stay in hotels that have gymnasiums. It shouldn’t be hard to find a hotel with a gymnasium since most of them do nowadays. The only time that your hotel might not have a gymnasium is if you are staying in a very small, family-run establishment, a hostel, or a hotel with very bad online reviews and a low star rating. You should be able to find a hotel with a gymnasium in the place that you are going if you conduct research before booking. When you type in CrossFit gym near me, hotel gymnasiums should also be displayed. Bear in mind that typing gym near me will show both paid and free gyms, so you will have to do a little bit of additional research into them to see if there is a fee to access them.

Calisthenic Exercises

If your hotel does not have a gymnasium, and you can’t find one locally, then perform calisthenic exercises in your room. Calisthenics is when you use only your body, in place of an exercise machine. Some popular calisthenic exercises include push-ups, sit-ups, and squats.

If you want to keep yourself in good health when you are traveling, then you have your work cut out for you. However, just because it’s difficult, that does not mean that it’s impossible to stay in shape. In fact, it is arguably more important to keep yourself in good health when you are traveling than when you are home, because you need to use your body more and can’t risk getting sick.

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