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How To Save Money On Some Everyday Commodities

Things aren’t getting any cheaper. In fact, the cost of living is through the roof. The main reason everything is so expensive at the moment is because of the war in Ukraine, which has caused massive interruptions to global energy supplies. Because energy is more expensive, transporting goods internationally is too. When it costs more to transport goods, it means they become more expensive.

If you are feeling the pinch and want to start taking steps to save money, then this post has you covered. Here are some very effective ways of saving cash on everyday items:

Prescription Discounts

Most people go to the pharmacy once or twice a month, usually to pick up toiletries, and sometimes pharmaceutical drugs. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical drugs can be very expensive (and they are only rising in price). Taking out a prescription discount card is something that’s worth considering if you frequently visit your local pharmacy. Such a card will help you to make savings on your purchases, freeing up your money so that you can spend it on more important things.

Expiry Dates

A lot of people avoid expired items in the supermarket. However, the expiry date you see on most items is just a recommended sell-by-date. An expiry date can’t tell you whether or not something’s safe to eat. If you want to save money, then consider buying items in good condition, past their expiry date. Most supermarkets and stores have a section where expired produce is sold. If the supermarket that you shop in does not have such a section, then speak to the store’s manager, and they should be able to arrange something for you. Some stores even give expired produce away for free.

Thrift Shopping

If you need to buy clothes or household items, then go thrift shopping. Thrift shopping can be a highly effective way of saving money. The only problem you might encounter when thrifting is buying clothes or other items that aren’t clean. However, you can easily clean things yourself. One thing to watch out for when thrifting clothes are moth infestations. Clothes moths can destroy your natural textiles. They are sometimes introduced into people’s houses on second-hand woolen clothes that they have bought. Always dry clean or wash any items you buy from a second-hand shop so you can be sure no such insects are introduced into your house.

Attending Sales

You should attend as many sales as you can. It is worth noting, supermarkets very rarely hold discount sales. However, supermarkets do tend to have a reduced section, where expired and no longer popular products are sold. If you want to save money on everyday food items, then you should check this section out. If you are buying clothes or other essentials like toiletries, then attending sales can be a good way of doing so. You can also shop in $1 stores, as they are a good way to save money, too.

Comparison Sites

Comparison sites can be a very effective way of finding the best prices for the things that you are buying. All you have to do is to enter a product code or name into a comparison site’s search bar, and it will show you all of the products that match that code or description being sold online. Some of these products will be a lot cheaper than others. Using comparison sites can save you a lot of money, because of this. However, it is worth noting that some international sites will sell items cheaper, but then charge a lot for delivery. Watch out for this.

Trading Items

If you have items of clothing that you need to buy but do not have the money to pay for them new or second-hand, then consider trading things you currently own. Most thrift store owners will be more than happy to trade items. Online, you can trade things too. There are clothes-selling platforms where people have the option to trade items. If you are trading things with another person, make sure that you thoroughly clean the thing that you are sending, and ask them to do the same thing for you.

Haggling Prices

Haggling is something that’s usually possible in smaller grocery stores and markets. It is not something that you can do in most supermarkets, though. Haggling can be a highly effective way of saving yourself money. The savings that you make won’t be massive but will add up over time. It is first a good idea to build a good relationship with the people that you intend on haggling with. If you have never shopped at a market before then turn up and try and argue prices down, you will probably get turned away. Once you have a good relationship with a seller, then you can try and get a discount.

Using Credit

Using credit can be a good way of saving money in the short term. However, a credit will always need to be repaid, usually with the internet. That said, some services, like Klarna, are now allowing people to break down their purchases into three monthly installments, with no credit added. If you want to save yourself money then you might want to consider using Klarna. The service will allow you to spread the cost of your purchases, which means you will have more money free at the time that you make the purchase.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs can be a very effective way of saving money, too. Unfortunately, very few people access them. In order to access a loyalty program, all you need to do is to take out a card with the store where you are shopping. Most stores have their own apps, where you can download cards. If you are planning on using loyalty programs, then make sure that you use your card every single time that you make a purchase. The more you use it, the more bonuses and discounts you will earn. If you don’t use it you won’t earn hardly anything.

There is a cost of living crisis at the moment. Lots of people are struggling to support themselves financially. If you are one such individual, then you need to take the steps outlined here to save money. All of the strategies listed here can be very effective solutions for saving money on everyday items.

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