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How to Make Money Online with Casino Affiliate Programs?

Online gambling has experienced a sharp rise in activity within the last few years. People interested in earning passive income through affiliate marketing have found the gaming industry appealing. You can make money as a marketer by promoting betting brands and online casinos.

During the pandemic, performance for iGaming surged as people looked for ways to engage in the hobby remotely. The generous bonuses some online casinos offer, such as the 25 euro no-deposit bonus, help attract newbies. This has brought a rise in gambling-related affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing related to iGaming has not slowed down. The demand for online products is still high. This is a great time for affiliates seeking to begin marketing in this space to join.

Affiliate marketing in iGaming is a competitive environment. As you work with online casinos as an affiliate marketer, you must accept that thousands of people will be promoting the same brand you promote. Yet, this is not a reason to get discouraged about being an affiliate marketer for online casinos. Although it is a saturated niche, it can be highly lucrative when developed correctly.


Factors to consider when choosing an affiliate program for online casinos

To find a great online casino affiliate program, you must know what to look for. Some of the things to watch out for include:

  • Integrity – Make sure you partner with a trustworthy and reliable online casino, like Revolut Casino. Choose one that holds its players and partners in high regard.
  • Responsive marketing team – Choose a casino affiliate program known for having responsive and helpful managers and support staff.
  • Speedy payments – Choose a gaming operation that processes commission payouts monthly in a secure and timely way.

What to do to succeed as an affiliate?

Steps to take 

  • Select the appropriate iGaming WordPress theme – Choosing an appropriate casino WordPress theme when designing an affiliate website is advisable. There is various great casino affiliate and review themes to choose from. You only need to compare several of them and choose the one that suits your needs best.
  • Give it your best – When creating an affiliate website, it is important to give it your best. Creating an affiliate website is more than coming up with a domain name, adding several pages on the new website, and then sitting back and waiting for money to roll in. It would help if you were hard-working and had enough time.
  • Come up with great content for your target audience – Before writing your content, it is important to perform research concerning the target audience. After getting enough content concerning the target audience, update the content on your site regularly. For instance, if you are primarily focusing on casino slots, ensure that your site has fresh content with the current news to do with new slot games.
  • Casino affiliate network – Having a great site full of amazing content but needing more web traffic may be rewarding. Therefore, networking becomes a vital aspect of having a successful affiliate website. To connect with great link partners, check into different Webmaster forums.
  • Negotiate greater deals – Looking for the best affiliate deals can increase your chances of success as a casino affiliate. Another thing you should not ignore is negotiating better deals and more lucrative commissions. Since casino affiliate marketing is competitive, choose programs ranked at the top of your list. After selecting the best affiliate program and you have great website traffic, you’ll get the upper hand in negotiating better affiliate deals.

How do casino affiliate commissions work?

Most popular affiliate deals 

Online casinos provide affiliate deals based on cost-per-acquisition (CPA) revenue sharing or a hybrid.

Affiliate deal description Share deal
CPA It’s a fixed commission paid to every depositing player $125 to $400 per player based on the traffic one gets and the market.
Revenue share The affiliate marketer receives a percentage of what players lose minus fees and bonuses. 25 to 50%
Hybrid The deals offer a mix of revenue share and CPA An example is $50 per player plus a 15% revenue share
Cost per click The affiliate receives a commission for all clicks that forward to the marketed casino. $0.01 to $0.5 per click

How to get started?

The most cost-effective and easiest way to get started as a casino affiliate is to build a content-driven website that gets free traffic from search engines. The steps you must take to become an online casino affiliate marketer include the following:

  • Select a niche/market
  • Plan your site
  • Build your site
  • Enroll in affiliate programs
  • Rank and bank (search engine optimization + conversions)

Select a niche/market

You can select a market based on the type of gaming, locations, a certain keyword, or a combination of all three.

  • Location: Canada, United States, Denmark, UK, Spain
  • Keywords: Online casino reviews, no deposit bonus codes, live dealer casinos
  • Type of gaming: sports betting, casino (craps, blackjack, slots), poker, sports betting.
  • Combination: American live dealer blackjack casinos

It is not advisable to build large sites targeting all markets. Many successful affiliates began with small niche gambling sites. They offer the advantage of being easier to begin, build and maintain. It is also easier to get traffic for the short term on a smaller niche site, allowing you to test a market for profitability.

Plan your website

Perform meticulous research as you create your website so that viewers will be more engaged and interested in your content.

Build your site

Make sure your website is well-built from the ground up. Such a site will attract more visitors who love its ease of use and appealing features.

Enroll in affiliate programs

Typically, online affiliate programs are player referral schemes. Many online casinos provide gambling affiliate programs to get new customers. You can enroll in preferred schemes such as Jetbull Affiliates or King Billy affiliates. When you get approved, you will receive a tracking link. As an affiliate, you will receive a commission for all players who click the link and complete a transaction.

Promote your website

Begin promoting your website in the affiliate programs. You will gradually see the various affiliate programs on your site.

Bottom line 

The gambling affiliate industry is dynamic, competitive, and high-risk. It is volatile and operates at a fast pace. Therefore, you must be vigilant as you support iGaming firms. By diversifying, you can minimize the possibility of mistakes and be less susceptible to risks. For instance, with SEO traffic, it is wise to use several sites for different markets so that if one closes, you still have other sites operating.

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