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How to Keep Your CrossFit Gym and Gym Mats Clean!

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It’s an issue every CrossFit gym owner faces daily – keeping the gym clean!

If the Covid pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s the importance of maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in public environments. It’s important gym owners take certain precautions to protect members. Cleaning the gym daily, and in particular gym mates, is one of these things

Here are a few simple tips to keep your box clean and hygienic on a regular basis:

  1. Whether you are mopping or using a mat scrubber, try to use the minimum necessary detergent in the water. Excessive use of soaps and detergent will cause a build-up on the gym mats. Always use a low-foaming, neutral cleaner. Other types of cleaners could irritate customer’s skin or corrode equipment. Many mats will also soak up water and soap harboring dirt and germs. Apply the least amount of water possible to get the mats clean.
  2. If you are mopping, remember to change the water often. Mopping with dirty water  can often just spread the dirt around. You may not even notice it until it dries
  3. If possible, use hot water when cleaning the mats. Hot water cleans better and dries more quickly.
  4. Ventilation is a good way to keep things clean and dry without building up mold and residue. So try to keep windows and doors pen as often as possible as well as maintaining air flow during workouts with fans etc.
  5. Look to invest in a cordless vacuum to make it easier for coaches and staff to vacuum more often.
  6. Invest in good soap! Good quality natural soap is a great way to ensure members and staff stay clean while in the gym. It’s a good idea to get some parabens free soap, or a natural mild soap and have them in areas like the front desk, bathroom, toilet etc.
  7. Pay for a cleaner. While staff and members can do a decent job of keeping gyms clean, it’s a good idea to organize a paid cleaner to come in maybe once a week to just ensure things are kept to a high cleanliness standard.
  8. Set proper standards and stick to them. It’s important to have rules and routines in place and ensure standards are kept.
  9. Don’t go overboard with chalk! CrossFitters seem to love chalk. But chalk can often be an owners nightmare as it leaves traces all over the gym, creating build ups in mats and bars. Set some rules about excessive chalk use and try to ensure its only being used when it needs to be.

By providing your members with a clean CrossFit gym, you’re showing them you want them to have the best experience possible. Protect your members from bacteria and fungus by thoroughly cleaning facilities, equipment and gym mats.

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