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How Much Does A Tattoo Of Lips Cost? – Tips From the Artist.

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Using tiny tattoo needles, color pigments are inserted into your lips during a professional lip blush permanent makeup session. This might be accomplished with permanent cosmetics ‒ or pigments ‒ injected into the deeper layers of epidermis. A procedure like that can serve multiple purposes:

  • it can visually add lip plumping effect;
  • it can correct lip shape;
  • it can reduce your daily usage of lipsticks.

Just like with any other aesthetic procedure that involves needles, keep in mind that permanent lip makeup requires a full-on healing period that imposes some restrictions on certain activities.

The many questions clients ask their PMU artists

It seems sensible that permanent lip makeup is becoming more popular. Your lips can be colored to seem more defined with a permanent lip process, but only if you follow the instructions provided by your permanent makeup artist.

Check out some of the commonly asked questions regarding lip tattoos if you’re interested in this fashionable technique.

Will it last?

Because the pigment used in permanent lip makeup diminishes with time, the result can last for three to five years after which you’ll need a major touch-up procedure. Touch-ups are not something you’re going to have on a monthly basis, though ‒ you’ll need a one in a few weeks after your initial appointment, and the next one in roughly a year.

So, why it’s permanent? Compared to regular makeup products, the effect from this treatment actually looks and feels permanent ‒ you will forget about the need to apply lipstick for a good few years.

Will it be painful?

This depends on your individual pain threshold. Some people don’t even need a topical anesthetic applied, although these are rare cases. Most likely, your artist will apply numbing cream before the pigment injection, so the only thing you might feel during the procedure is a tingling or slight poking.

Is it really expensive?

The price depends on a few factors:

  1. Who is your permanent makeup artist. If you’re choosing an experienced and certified artist, especially if they have their own studio, the price can be higher than that of individual artists or beginners fresh out of PMU training.
  2. The difficulty of the procedure. Sometimes, permanent makeup can be a two-step treatment (this is mostly the case for hyperpigmented lips): first the artist brightens up the skin, and during the next appointment, they apply the pigment of choice.
  3. The quality of tools and pigments. High-quality pigments are a bit expensive on their own ‒ usually they have lab-tested safe formulas.

The average price for permanent lip makeup can be in range from four to seven hundred dollars. Also, keep in mind that you will need at least one touch-up procedure. Luckily, it costs less than the initial treatment in some cases. Certain artists can even provide touch-ups for free!

If the price somewhat surprises you, do a quick math: think of how much money you would spend on lip products in the nearest five years if you weren’t about to apply permanent makeup. The treatment can save you a lot depending on what kind of lip makeup products you were usually opting for.

Is the color going to be permanent?

If you are familiar with color theory, you probably know that every color refracts in a certain way if applied under something. The skin of the lips is quite thin, but not totally transparent ‒ this means that as soon as the skin regenerates, the colors will start fading out slowly. It can take months or even years, though, so don’t worry.

You can notice that right after the initial treatment, your lips will look somewhat unnaturally vivid. This is fine ‒ remember that during the healing period, a certain percentage of this saturation will be lost. This is also the reason why you will need a touch-up appointment ‒ to polish the look after some amount of the pigment injected vanished during the rapid healing process.

Is this treatment safe?

Lipstick tattooing is considered to be generally safe as long as all of the tools are disinfected and the procedure is performed in a reputable salon.

The color you prefer will be initially mixed and used by the permanent makeup artist during the lip tattooing session. The chosen area of your lips will then be traced with a white waterproof pencil.

Your artist will next make slow, meticulous strokes in your skin, inserting the chosen pigment colors using clean, sterilized needles.

Expect some discomfort throughout the procedure ‒ everyone has individual pain threshold, so you might feel slight poking or scratching on your lips (or, as an alternative, you won’t feel anything at all).

The healing process for a new permanent lip makeup can take up to two weeks, so before leaving the studio, make sure you are familiar with all aftercare procedures. These will be given to your by your artist right after the procedure. In order to ensure a smooth healing process without any possible complications, you must stick to aftercare rules.

Eating after the permanent lip makeup procedure

You should eat healthily when your lips are recovering. Try to avoid getting your lips messy and stick to dry foods. For the first several days, we highly advise staying away from salty and spicy meals.

As you might feel slight swelling and discomfort right after the treatment, eating in the first few hours will be somewhat uncomfortable. But you can do it ‒ just make sure you don’t eat anything extra salty. Also, make sure to rinse your mouth with an antibacterial solution after eating anything for the first few days ‒ this will serve as the best prevention of inflammation.

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