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Greg Glassman Enters CrossFit vs. Anthos Debate

CrossFit CEO and Founder Greg Glassman has now entered the CrossFit vs. Anthos debate, and says the private investment firm ‘will NOT end up with an equity share in CrossFit.

Glassman has confirmed claims Anthos is offering $20 million to take over the affiliate system, in a post on the CrossFit Discussion Board on Sunday.

He says he has been preparing for this day for a year after Bryan Kelly made the Anthos intent ‘painfully’ clear to a room full of CF Staff on Tuesday May 10, 2011.

Glassman made his point clear in the end of his letter, saying CrossFit is NOT for sale:

“Anthos will NOT end up with an equity share in CrossFit. They’re holding a losing hand and will eventually come to terms with that fact. I’m honored to fight this fight and consider the opportunity and responsibility to lead the affiliates as the most significant facet of my life. None of it is for sale – at any price. I don’t care what this costs or how long it takes, we will keep our affiliates free.”

It’s been nearly two days since the news broke, and we are starting to find out a little bit more about the whole story.

It appears that Lauren Jenai-Glassman, Greg Glassman’s ex-wife is looking to sell her half of CrossFit, and feels Anthos is a worthy buyer. On her Facebook page she posted her thoughts on the issue, stating that she feels Anthos is the ‘right choice’ as a co-owner.

She also revealed that since her divorce with Greg two and a half years ago she has been prevented from having any involvement in the sport.

In the social media world, there has been a huge backlash to the story, with thousands of affiliate owners already making it clear they plan on having nothing to do with Anthos. An online petition against the move has also been set up.

It seems clear that the majority of the 4,000+ CrossFit boxes will not go ahead with Anthos’ plans, which begs the question, why bother going ahead with it?

One of our readers, Richard Jeans made the point, that if Lauren Jenai-Glassman wants to sell her share, then why not offer the affiliate owners to buy it?

If each affiliate gym was to pay $10,000, then the share could be bought by people who have a common belief in the sport and we wouldn’t be in the situation we are currently in.

Either way, we still have one strong voice in this debate, and that is founder Greg Glassman who continues to tell the world CrossFit is not for sale.

Here’s a video of him just a few months ago during a CrossFit tour of Europe, where he was spruiking his message once again:

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